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Published by Nelazar on Sun, 07/31/2022 - 06:27
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Welcome in the World of Minecraft !

So like you can see, this mod isn't a personal invention, it's just me remaking WoW in Minecraft.
WoW is and it will always be one of my favorite games as much as Minecraft and I really wanted to mix both. This mod is not complete and I think it will never be. For now, we have a "Vanilla" mod, a 1.0 of what it could be and I think there is enough to do to be posted here. Indeed, everything isn't from wow, some items (tools, weapons, foods, etc...) are from et for the mod, even if there is ! I hope you will like it as much as it was a very fun experience making this mod.

I highly recommend using a mod for crafts and to see the health of mobs.


Here is a list of what you can found in this mod :

  • CLASSIFICATION OF ITEMS (Common / Uncommon / Rare / Epic / Artefact / Legendary)
  • New Ores (minable or not) : Gnoll Iron, Mana, Thorium, Arcanite, Obsidium, Saronite, Blackiron, Tellurium, Elementium, Sulfuron, Mithril, Titanium and Sancteforge
  • 6 Set of Tools
  • Upgradable Backpack
  • 2 Random Structures
  • 2 New Biomes (PlagueLands and Felwood)
  • 1 New Dimension (Fire Lands)
  • 10+ New Armor Set (With Effects) and more (Crowns and Rings)
  • New bows, Daggers (Can be poisonus), Hammer (With bonus damage agaisnt Undead), Staffs and Swords
  • A Hearthstone ! (Link to a bed and you will be TP to it location)
  • A lot of Potion (And so Plants !)
  • New Foods
  • A lot of mobs (like Murloc, Elementals, naga, Inferno, etc...)


  • I little system of Quest ! (You need to loot some items to start those quests) (J Key)
  • 2 Dungeons (Scarlet Monastery and Stratholme)
  • 2 Raids (Ahn'Qiraj and the Moltencore) (They aren't big as in the game) (2 Epic Armor Set each Raid and Artefact Items)
  • 2 Crafts Tables (One for Leatherworking and one for Alchimy)
  • F10 Menu
  • (In the F10 menu) 2 New Professions : Miner and Herbalism
  • (In the F10 Menu) A Talent Tree ! (More HP, and Effects !)
  • (In the F10 Menu) New Achievements
  • (In the F10 Menu) Mounts ! (12 Mounts, 9 Rare (Craftable), 2 Epic (Lootable) and 1 Legendary)
  • New effects : (Strike Power = Boost your damage with Swords / Staff Power : Boost your damage with Staffs / Bow Power : Boost your damage with Bows)
  • New effects : (Resistance = Reduce CAC damage / Magic Resistance : Reduce Caster Damage (some mob will attack you like they have staffs))
  • 3 Legendary Weapons !
  • And a lot more !
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