New Ores!

Published by stirgam1 on Sat, 08/06/2022 - 11:00
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New Ores is a mod that adds new items. blocks. tools, armor and food to Minecraft! 

Blocks added : Ruby Ore/Block. Sapphire Ore/Block, Copper Ore/Block. Silver Ore/Block, Amethyst Block, Amerite Block, End variant of each ore (Vanilla and New Ores), Nether variants of each ore (Vanilla and New ores) (to be implemented soon)

Items added : Ruby Gem, Sapphire Gem, Amethyst Gem, Copper Ingot/Nugget/Tools/Armor/Carrot, Silver Ingot/Nugget/Tools/Armor/Carrot, Amerite Ingot/Nugget/Tools/Armor/Carrot, Amerite Dagger.

All textures are made by me (except for the Ruby Gem)!

Modification files
newores_1-16-5_ver1.jar - First Version of my mod.Uploaded on: 08/06/2022 - 11:03   File size: 479.97 KB
newores_1-16-5_ver2.jar - Added Nether Ores recipes + loot tablesUploaded on: 08/07/2022 - 02:46   File size: 493.32 KB

I had to change over from laptop to PC so I have to redo all the tags and recipes! Nether Ore recipes coming in a day or two :)!

All the Developer accounts are mine, I just can't log into them for some reason. Hopefully this one will work! If you have any suggestions please leave them in this comment section!