Redstone Stuff

Published by Neulko on Wed, 08/31/2022 - 18:56
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The mod "Redstone Stuff" adds several new utilities to the redstone, this mod adds armor and amazings weapons!

(I’m French, sorry for spelling mistakes...)  



This strange stick is actually magical! It sends tnt!

(of course ammunition(tnt) is needed to operate it)

(risk of death)



The power of this red stone sword is to bring out a large pilône and propel its enemies!



The little redstone golem is very strong despite its small size...

(Having a good stuff is advisable to challenge the little golem of red stone)



The legendary redstone stick gives interesting effects for 7 seconds when you are in bad situations it is obtainable by killing the little golem of redstone.



New decoration blocks



The legendary Redstone sword is a powerful sword that has the power to blow up its surroundings.



The Redstone Sword second third makes lightning appear to the most popular entities.

Modification files
Redstone Stuff-1.18.2 1.0.9.jar - Current release 1.0.8: all bugs are fixedUploaded on: 08/31/2022 - 19:05   File size: 1.76 MB

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