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Grimms is a mod based on the famous cartoon "Steven Universe", bringing some aspects and incorporating them into minecraft, the main one being the creation of gems!

General information:

-This mod needs "Kleiders Custom Renderer Api" to work

-Minecraft Version: 1.19.2


Getting Started:


The mod's technology is focused around "Starlite" a new ore that can be found in the nether, along with blackstone.

Starlite is used to craft the injector parts needed for gem creation:

Starlite Ore

To be able to create a gem, it is necessary to use some items to be able to inject it, such as the essences of diamonds.

Diamond essences can be obtained by trading with Wandering Traders and Gemologist villagers, a new villager profession added by the mod that uses the gun head as a workstation.


Gemologist and Diamond Essences


It is also necessary to create a Gem Base, an item made with Glowstone Dust, Amethyst Shard and Quartz, put everything together in a crafting table and we have our magical mixture!

Creating Gem Base


After that, you're ready to inject and create gems!

Knowing the Gems:

The first version of the mod adds 8 gems!


When injecting, the mod will take into account some factors to define the type of gem that will be born: Blocks around, Biome and Temperature!

it is possible to paint the uniform of the gems using dyes (Uniform and Insignia), wool (Gloves and Capes) and glass panels (Visors)


Ruby: Rubies are small soldiers that use fire to attack, they can also heat up raw food by right clicking, and have a high chance of spawning in high temperature biomes!

Sapphire (Blue): Sapphires are elite rare gems with the uncanny ability to foretell the future! in the mod, clairvoyance was translated as a small minigame that the player can play by offering an iron or gold nugget for a sapphire, the minigame can result in two things: Fortunes or Curses!

if a sapphire is left still for some time, they begin to freeze the environment around them and create ice crystals that deal damage to whoever stands on top!
Sapphires are more likely to spawn in icy and end biomes!

Rubies and Sapphires


Pearl (White): Pearls are common servants that serve as mobile chests, They can also be customized using a Blue Comb, and it is also possible to give more orders to pearls using a Conch Flute (Like chanting, and summoning a personal combat pearl), Pearls will also summon Combat Pearls when they are in danger, Combat Pearls are divided into two types: Defense and Attack, Defense Pearls will focus on pushing away the owner's targets, while Attack Combat Pearls will attack.

Pearls are more common in biomes like deserts and oceans!




Amethysts: Amethysts are stronger soldiers that have electrical powers, they accumulate electricity while fighting and then release it in a powerful attack!

Amethysts are more likely to spawn in mountain and caves biomes!


Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz are powerful soldiers that have the ability to heal themselves when they defeat an enemy!

Rose Quartzes are more likely to spawn in Jungle, Lush Cave, and Mushroom Island biomes!




Bismuths: Bismuths are builders that have the function of blacksmiths in the mod, they can fix weapons that are broken if you click with the right button.

Bismuths are more likely to spawn in mountain and hill biomes!

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazulis are rare gems that serve as terraformers, to terraform, it is necessary to create a position blueprint (using paper and a blue dye), and then open the lapis lazuli inventory, add a bucket of water and the position blueprint and that's it ! are you ready to terraform.

Lapis Lazulis is more likely to spawn in ocean biomes!


Bismuths and Lapis Lazulis


Peridots: Peridots are tall green gems responsible for creating tech items (Currently: Only Gem Destabilizers), they can also be born defective, in which case, they will be born small!
Peridots are more likely to spawn in savanna and end biomes!




Additional: Rebel Gems
Rebel Gems have different looks and cannot be tamed, they don't spawn naturally (yet)!


Rebel Gems




Thanks to Zoe for the beautiful logo and for supporting the project forever!

Thanks to Blixer for supporting Grimms from the beginning!


I wouldn't be able to continue this far if it weren't for the support of amazing people!


Leave your doubts in the comments, I'll be happy to answer them!

Modification files
grimms-1.2.0.jar - Grimms-1.2.0Uploaded on: 11/11/2023 - 17:29   File size: 3.48 MB

Grimms 1.2.0 Changelog


*Geraldine is now Functional

*Added Desert Glass

*Desert Glass and Geraldine cant be injected for now!

*Added Advancements

*Removed Starlite ore *Added Tungsten Ore

*Added Extractor, a easier way to make essence

*Reworked Gem Destabilizers

*Reworked Injection System

*Added Drained Fluid

Hi, the mod is very nice! but there's a problem with the sapphires, the models are completely black when i summon them. Also, the rubies sometimes are summoned with the same texture (unlike pearls).
Anyways, I'm excited for the future of this mod ;) (also, srry for my english)

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Twitter page (

Yoo, I love Steven Universe, glad to see this make mod of the week!