Japnase Addon

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Academic Free License v3.0
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Cherry blossoms, its culture, its people, its warriors and spies, as well as the emperor...

I decided to add content on Japan.

This mod adds a lot of things...
Here is the content:
13 items (including weapons and spawn eggs)
1 new type of weapon: the katana
3 new monsters: Samurai, Oni and Illager Samurai.
1 new boss: the Emperor!
and many other things...

Items :

Wood-stone-iron-gold-diamond-netherite katana


Poison Shuriken


and monster eggs



Mobs :


Illager Samurai


Empror (Boss)



A new mineral: tharasium

More monsters, with the arrival of ninjas!



(the Japanese have a special Japanese translation)

Yoi gēmu


Modification files
Japnase Addon 1.0.0.jar - 1.0.0Uploaded on: 01/29/2023 - 16:19   File size: 172.38 KB
Japnase Addon 1.1.0.jar - 1.1.0Uploaded on: 02/05/2023 - 10:48   File size: 240.8 KB

1.0.0 : Release

1.1.0 : 

-Add 2 new mobs :

Golden Oni


Add 2 new bosses :

303 Ninja

Oni King


Add Tharasium , a new material

Add repices from Wood and Stone Katana


If you have an idea for this mod: go to this link :

This should probably be flagged for removal under Terms of Conditions part 3.1 and under the less official looking "undesirable mods" rule.


But that is not possible...

I didn't believe that one day it would turn out like this...

My mod is innocent, to say, no Herobrine, hacks or other things...

It's just a Japanese mod in development.

Please help me understand, my brain can't remember and asks a lot of questions!

Can you help me ?


man don't worry i looked through his comment history and he just seems to be a but to really good mods idk why.
and idk how the sanity ans insanity mod is abilist so i think he just is trying to get a reaction out of pepole.