Craft Royale

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In development
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Geckolib Required!

So far it adds somethings from the first arena changed to fit Minecraft. Use advancements and jei to check out the mod ingame. You could also check it in creative since it has it's very own creative tab. 

For items:

There's 2 crowns, a musket, an iron Sabre, evolution shards, volved Sabre, loaded bullets.


For mobs:

There's the minion and the mini pekka. Minion spawns in the nether and Mini pekka is created like a mini snow golem but with netherite.


Every update will either fix a bug or add the next arena.

Have fun! if you download it.

Geckolib link

Modification files
craftroyale-1.0.0.jar - The first yes, geckolib required!!!Uploaded on: 03/12/2024 - 04:09   File size: 210.53 KB

Initial release.

Remember Geckolib!