Badlands Plus

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This mod aims to improve the badlands, aswell as some small changes in the desert. It comes along with new structures,mobs and items


Structures : lost Ruins: found on the surface in the badlands


                      hidden Tumb: found in Badlands aswell as in the desert, its pretty rare and can only be found underground


                      Sphinx: can only be found in the desert and has some great loot


                      Bones: simular to the soul sand valley biome, the badlands now also have naturealy spawning fosills on the surface



New Mobs : Vulture : Vultures a new flying, hostile mobs, which can be found in all parts of the badlands


                      Mummy : Mummys are pretty rare, because they cannot spawn naturealy. Only in Sphinxes and by opening vases, which are also new in this mod



Blocks and Items : Cactus-Juice : There is a new type of cactus spawning in the badlands. Its top contains a new food source, calles "cactus juice".You can collect it by                                                                                 rightclicking the top of it with an empty glass bottle.After collecting, you need to wate sometime until it regrows

                                  Vase : You can find those new "lucky blocks" in hidden Tombs ,aswell as in the chest of the sphinx. Once destroyed they will drop either loot, or the new                                                              mummy mob.


                                   Black-Feather : can be dropped by the new vulture mob and crafted into arrow, which is way cheaper than with normal feathers.


Note: this mod is just a part of a series of upcoming mods, following the same style but updating different biomes (jungle is next, so stay tuned)




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