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Published by vinsplayer on Mon, 06/22/2020 - 08:48
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This mod adds many advancements, the wastelands, couple random things and last but not least easter eggs! (This mod is not tested in multiplayer, I leave the job to test this mod to you) You can choose to either try to survive in the future's wastelands or Explore the secrets of this mod! You can use elytra and fireworks to fly in end-dimension or Keep creepers awy for you with knockback-arrows!


ByTheWay: If you saw that I edited my profile to have "Mod coming soon" in descriptipn yesterday, no I did'nt do this mod in 1 day, I just wrote edited the descriptin too late. The easter-eggs are made (easter-eggs designed, -textured, -settings choosed, -tested) by my friends, but they are'nt in the members, because they don't have MCreator account's.


  • enghlish (en_us)
  • finnish (fi_fi)

Here is the seed, so you can copy it from here instead of writing it:

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 Mod released

Looks neat and stuff but you didn't change the basalt texture at all, little disingenuous.