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  1. name: full heart description: eat this to gain more hearts
  2. name: Heart Part description: used to craft full hearts
  3. name: Huge Heart description: Used For Crafting
  4. Name: staff bit description: Used For Crafting
  5. name: empty staff description Used For Crafting
  6. name: blood staff description: unknown
  7. name: thunder staff discription: unknown
  8. name: thunder description: Used For Crafting
  9. name: blood description: Used For Crafting
  10. name: packed diamond discription: Used For Crafting
  11. name: packed diamond block discription: Used For Crafting
  12. name: ultimate Heart/mega Heart discription: Used For Crafting
  13. name: mega Diamond/ultimate Diamond discription: Used For Crafting
  14. name:mega diamond block/ultimate diamond block discription: Used For Crafting
  15. name: compacked netherite description: Used For Crafting
  16. name: .../blank block description: Used For Crafting
  17. name: flame description: Used For Crafting
  18. name: power description: used to power up the heart staff
  19. name: heart staff discription: dose nothing
  20. name: powered heart staff description: gives you 5 hearts every 2mins
  21. name: heart sword description: spawns a secret spider/heat spider every minute
  22. name: iphone description: used for apps
  23. name: Power Machine description: powers up the heart staff
  24. name: shiny heart discription: Used For Crafting
  25. name: hamburger description: Used For Crafting and eating
  26. name: bone ore description: Used For Crafting
  27. name: bone block description: break for bone ore
  28. name: bone pickaxe discription: used for breaking blocks
  29. name: soul block description: found in the death dimension
  30. name: money description: used to but items
  31. name: seller block description used to get money
  32. name:golden pufferfish description: Used For Crafting
  33. name: gold fish description: Used For Crafting
  34. name: yes or no block description: used for jefferys struture
  35. name: jefferys pets rock description: says hello
  36. name: jefferys golden pet rock description: it says something backwards
  37. name: jefferys super pet rock description: right click for something cool
  38. name: fish trophy description: looks cool
  39. name: the rare trophy description: used for showing off
  40. name: nike kicks trophy description: 1 2 buckle my shoe
  41. name: nike kicks description: used to get the nike kicks trophy
  42. name: diamond block?/dirt to diamonds block description: turns dirt to diamonds and is used for crafting
  43. name: void block description: Used For Crafting
  44. name: cheese description: Used For Crafting
  45. name: olive description: Used For Crafting
  46. name: tomato description: Used For Crafting
  47. name: dummy description: your a dummy
  48. name: bullet description: pew pew
  49. name: gun description: shoot
  50. name: flame thrower description: Used For Crafting
  51. name: hand discription: Used For secret Crafting
  52. name: santa hat discription: in the piggy dimension
  53. name: piggy claus discription: get from killing piggy claus
  54. name: big mac discription: unknown
  55. name: hand holding gun description: its a gun but it looks kinda better i geuss
  56. name: Flame Bullet discription: used to shoot flame thrower


  1. name: Piggy Claus discription: kill for a item
  2. name: Razorknot discription: hes in the claus world
  3. name: jeffery discription: dont kill him
  4. name: supper jeffery discription: welp im out
  5. name: heart spider/ secret spide discription:kill for a heart part




  1. name: hamburger discription: hmm ches burger
  2. name: heart structure discription: has alot of hearts inside
  3. name: jefferys jail discription: FREE HIM
  4. name: pufferfish discription: get the pufferfishs
  5. name: temple discription: lots of things inside the chest
Modification files
structure__mod_test_13.jar - Theres Over 250 MOD ELEMENTS!Uploaded on: 06/14/2023 - 18:03   File size: 4.01 MB

version 1.1

added a new block right click it and it acts like a lucky block and a new structure called the dragon egg structure its pretty rare and beware of the trap Good Luck!