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The LUMINOUS mod aims to illuminate and expand the base Minecraft gameplay, adding new ambient mobs, Biome specific mob variants, 3d modelled Decoration blocks, rare Legendary monsters, a new rock type called Ish, a new item called fire powder, used to dye fire, and so much more! This mod is part 1 of 2 in what I'm calling the Luminous series. A second, and WAY bigger mod is already significantly underway and will be released to go alongside this one sometime in the future. Part 1 focuses on the ambient experience and building possibilities of players in the overworld, changing biomes like the forest, birch forest, desert, taiga, snowy plains, and savannah, most notably, with plans to add more improvements in the future!


Illuminate your world with the Luminous mod, and stay tuned for part 2, (which is TRIPLE the size of part 1!)


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The first official LUMINOUS update is here! unleash your WILD SIDE!


- Complete overhaul of the savannah biome. ( I hated this biome with a passion) Walk along new SAVANNAH SOIL and SOIL blocks, and notice the new foliage color scheme and corresponding new grass types around the biome. Find new double tall dead bushes and elephant grass as well!

- Craft with the new Baobab wood - a nice new red-ish wood type that's diverse enough to fit in with the original Minecraft planks without just being another shade of brown!

- Craft doors and trapdoors for all 4 wood types added to the mod - White Oak, Auburn, Palm, and Baobab

- Added 2 more variants of table and shelf - of the Baobab wood type

- Added PENGUINS and BABY PENGUINS to the snowy plains - these little guys are taken from Minecraft: Dungeons, and added into the base game!

- Added the ZEBRA - although not ridable (yet), they're a fun new animal type found in savannahs

- Added 3 new common butterflies to collect, two in the savannah, and one in the snowy plains

- Added 2 new mob variants - Savannah Zombie and Skeleton, respectively

- Added BASS - a new fish type and food type to provide even more food options!






Deer / Fawn - found roaming the forest biomes, will run from player if they get too close. 

Will drop venison equal to Mutton in nutritional value ( Inspired by the Familiar Fauna mod - by Fortstride)




butterflyButterfly - found flying in the forest, birch forest, dark oak forest, swamp, taiga, soul sand valley, and the end high/midlands.

has 21 different variants - 14 common varieties, 5 rare varieties, and 2 ultra rare varieties, all of which can be captured and relocated using Jars.





Squirrel - ambient mob found in the forest, flower forest, dark forest, and snowy taiga biomes. Has 4 variants that are biome dependent. Will drop squirrel meat equivalent to rabbit, and will run from the player if they get too close






- Two new tree types - WHITE OAK and AUBURN - with their own new wood sets

- Rock features will be scattered through all forest types to freshen up the landscape

- New flower types 

- 2 common butterfly variants

- Ground flowers

- Ground pebbles





- 2 common butterfly variants

- 1 rare butterfly variant

- New tree type - SOFT BIRCH  - still produces birch wood, but are much taller in appearance, 

and have polypores growing on them








FIREFLY - found in groups in the taiga biomes, have blinking backs (as of V1.2) - purely ambient

- small spores will now grow out of the ground

- 2 common butterfly variants

- 1 rare butterfly variant

- New tree type - TALL TAIGA - these trees will be much taller and decorated versions of the normal taiga trees, adding more verticality to the biome





CRAB - will spawn in deserts and on beaches - purely ambient

- New wood type - PALM - will spawn sparsely in the desert and on beach biomes, includes new wood type

- ancient sandstone ruins scattered through the desert, with one rare structure even containing loot chests






ZEBRA - Will spawn in the Savannah to add more life, not yet ridablezebra


- Added Savannah Soil and Soil blocks to rework the ground

- Added 4 savannah grass variants

- New tree type : BAOBAB - provides a new wood set

- 2 common butterfly variants





Trout: Spawns in rivers, swamps, and warm oceans

Sunny: Spawns in deserts, swamps, and warm oceans

Bass: Spawns in rivers, swamps, and desert lakes




























- New tool - HAMMER - rotates the decorations through their own variants (changes angles, can make double sized tables, long shelves, etc.)

(all decorative items that a hammer can be used on will be labeled in the item description besides glass)

- new item - DECORATION TAG - combine with other items/blocks to make them decorative 3d models

- 8 decorative flower pot typestable

- 10 potion bottle decorations

- Iron/Gold/Diamond sword decorations

- hanging lantern decoration with 4 variants

- Decorative glass with 3 variants

- Decorative books and book stacks 

- 3D Shelves and Tables with ALL wood types




mob variantsvariants

11 new mob types:

- Cold skeleton - spawns in cold biomes

- Cold zombie - spawns in cold biomes

- Miner skeleton - spawns underground

- Miner zombie - spawns underground

- Swamp skeleton - spawns in swamps and mangroves

- Swamp zombie - spawns in swamps and mangroves

- Swamp spider (not pictured) - spawns in swamps and mangroves

- Sunken skeleton - spawns underwater

- Hollow skeleton - spawns in deserts

- Savannah Zombie - spawns in savannahs

- Savannah Skeleton - spawns in savannahs

legendary beastsbeasts!


these are tougher, rarer monsters to be found in the wild, upon killing them you will get either a custom music disc, or a trophy with the head of the mob for display. If a player has the achievement for killing the ender dragon, they now gain a 25% chance when the mob is killed to get a rare useful item 

TREANT - spawns in forests, breaks leaves to chase players!

KING HERMIT - spawns on beaches or desert lakes, and is very fast on sand!

MUMMY - spawns in deserts - slow, but deals big damage to the player, and can infect them with slowness and hunger!

FROST GOLEM - spawns on icy peaks or in snowy taigas - deals enormous knockback!

SEA VIPER - spawns in cold oceans - stalks player and attempts to give them mining fatigue and blindness!

PHEONIX - spawns in the badlands an on mountains - shoots exploding fireballs at the player from above! ( Inspired by @GibberishSo on twitter - go follow him!)

Modification files
LUMINOUS V1.2 - WILDSIDE - 1.19.4.jar - REQUIRES GECKOLIB TO WORK CORRECTLY - please comment any suggestions or bugs that need to be fixed!Uploaded on: 09/09/2023 - 02:01   File size: 15.38 MB

V1.2 - WILDSIDE - changelog

- Adjusted Deer texture


- Fixed decorative lantern break speed

- Changed the name of King crab to Hermit King

- Adjusted Hermit King model/texture

- Adjusted Shellmet texture

- Completely rewrote the terrain of the Savannah with new blocks

- Added Savannah Earth block

- Added Savannah Soil block

- Added 4 Variants of Savannah Grass

- Added Elephant grass

- Added double height dead bush

- Added Baobab Trees

- Added Baobab Wood

- Added Baobab Shelf

- Added Baobab Table

- Added doors/trapdoors for all four mod-added wood types

- Added Zebras

- Added Penguins

- Added Baby Penguins

- Added Bass

known bugs to be fixed)

- Colored fire does not spread, and in some cases can float still

- Wall Ivy floats in almost all conditions

- Polypores float in almost all conditions

- The AI of the sunken is unresponsive

amazing job!! the models and textures here look beautiful and you can truly see the effort put into this mod.

i sense a next motw, and good work!

Great mod really enjoying it so far, and I hope for motw!!

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Twitter page (

Congratulations on being Mod of the Week!
Great logo and awesome mob design, I like all of them, they are very Mojang style and match the vanilla game entities very well.

it doesn't seem to add anything special, but the mod is atmospheric, beautiful and fits well into builds for minecraft expansion.