The CrazyLand Mod

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Bringing a little sweetness and a dash of crazy to Minecraft. Adding new armor mobs and weapons to minecraft aswell as some other surprises it is not fully because i am always adding random fixes or things. Also if you request anything like weapons mobs or things like that i will add them. There are still many things that i will add.


*update:fixing errors in the mod and added some new things

this mod was made for fun but has turned into an actual mod i had gone more for quantity than quality so this mod is still very unfinished and i think it is just for fun not really a mod for a modded survival.

the zip file has all the current crafting recipes

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if you find any bugs be sure to tell me so i can fix them

i may not be able to update this mod anymore because mcreator says loading workspace data and never loads does anybody know how to fix this?