1st 2023.4 snapshot - Trees, tags, and much more!

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1st 2023.4 snapshot - Trees, tags, and more!

The first snapshot of the last release of the year 2023 is here. 2023.4 will be a feature update, and this snapshot is already packed with many new features. Check it out!

Snapshot changelog

This is a full changelog of this snapshot with more notable changes highlighted with bold text.

  • Updated bundled Java to version OpenJDK 17.0.8
  • Updated Minecraft Forge for 1.20.1 to recommended build 47.2.0
  • Updated Minecraft Forge for 1.19.4 to recommended build 45.2.0
  • Added tag type indication with text and color to the tag selectors
  • Tag selectors now list all custom tags as suggestions in the dropdown
  • Improved item glow parameter and condition selector
  • Added item glow procedural condition support to music disc mod element
  • Added Blockly block brightness and saturation settings to help users with color deficiency
  • Improved texts of some procedure blocks to improve UI accessibility
  • Special information parameters of item-like mod elements can now be provided with a text return value procedure
  • Tag mod element of type block, item, entity, or biome can now reference other tags to be part of the new tag
  • Improved general compile and runtime performance of block ore and plant features (check release notes)
  • Living entity model shaking and transparency conditions now accept fixed values
  • Added new AI tasks: find and move towards the air, climb on top of powder snow, follow the boat, try and find water
  • Added support for undecorated custom GUI buttons
  • Added immediate source entity dependency to some living entity procedure triggers
  • Added support to cancel damage caused to a custom entity with procedure return value
  • Added new entity procedures: get entity UUID, set entity invisibility
  • Replaced structure dropdowns in Blockly editor with selector dialogs
  • Added new feature block: feature from NBT structure definition
  • Added basic tree feature support to the feature mod element
  • Added support for tree decorators and root placers for tree feature
  • Added biome tags support to block ores feature and plant feature biome restrictions parameter
  • Added biome tags support to the structure and feature mod element biome restrictions parameter
  • Added biome tags support to the entity spawn biomes parameter
  • Added a new string list field and applied it to the mod dependencies parameters in the workspace settings
  • [Bugfix] Some entry lists in the UI did not scroll properly when enough content was added
  • [Bugfix] Some entry lists did not update the data when mod elements were added or removed
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Snapshot release notes

  • Removed additional generation conditions from blocks and plants. Existing blocks and plants using those conditions will be automatically converted to fully equivalent feature mod elements
  • Dimension restriction parameters were removed. Instead, biome restrictions with tags should be used when needed. Existing workspaces will be converted for cases of single-dimension restriction. For multiple-dimension restrictions, a new biome tag with biomes or biome tags from these dimensions needs to be manually added.
  • [Plugins] Custom Blockly categories can declare their parent category, supporting a tree-like toolbox

A download of the snapshot is possible on the Download page under the Snapshot downloads section. 

Make sure to test the snapshot out so we can fix any potential bugs you find out. Leave a comment with your feedback on the update below. Stay tuned and keep on modding!

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Very cool snapshot, everything works fine and I just downloaded it to start working on a new update for my mod :)

Klemen, thank you for recognizing people with color deficiency. I appreciate it because it was so hard to differentiate between certain colors

OK. I have some ideas for new features. When I made my mod, I encountered these problems. MCreator does not allow you to make unique models for baby animals. You cannot even reduce the size of an adult model. I think this problem is quite critical, especially for me, who made a mod to add animals. The second one is not so critical, but it is easy to fix. There are too few triggers in the Achievement element, so you have to resort to using procedures when you could get by with vanilla triggers.

I think there was a typo in the title! It says 2023.3 - 1st snapshot but 2023.3 has already been released!

Amazing work as always Klemen <3

I always love watching features get added and stalking the Pylo Twitter lol

So much hype for 2023.4 :o

MAN... HOLY MOLY NBT FEATURES????!!!?!?!?!!!!!!?

NO WAY!!!!!!

I am IMMEDIATELY updating I don't care if my mod gets corrupted this is what I've been waiting for since last year!!!......

Btw how??? like how did we get nbt features..
I was trynna implement 'em through the corgilib nbt tree..

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