1st MCreator 2024.1 snapshot - Minecraft 1.20.4

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1st MCreator 2024.1 snapshot - Minecraft 1.20.4

MCreator fully supporting Minecraft 1.20.4 has arrived. Alongside the new Minecraft support, we improved performance and added new tag tools so make sure to check this snapshot out!

3 Minecraft versions?

As we did a few last times when porting to a new Minecraft version, MCreator 2024.1 snapshot supports Minecraft 1.19.4, Minecraft 1.20.1, and Minecraft 1.20.4 at the same time. In the next snapshots and in the full release, we will only cover two versions due to the high cost of maintenance of more than two generators.

What is NeoForge?

So you may have already noticed by now that the Minecraft 1.20.4 generator in this snapshot is not based on Minecraft Forge modding API, but on NeoForge modding API. In the past few months, a significant part of the Minecraft Forge team forked into a NeoForged project and they are now working on a new system that we have decided to adopt based on the public pointers regarding future adoption plans of other modders and Minecraft mod users, and on the improvements the project aims to introduce into the API.

Snapshot changelog

This is a full changelog of this snapshot with more notable changes highlighted with bold text.

  • Updated bundled Java to version OpenJDK 17.0.10
  • Added custom user code blocks system that persists custom code in workspace files between code regenerations
  • Added a new workspace tab for improved managing of Minecraft tags
  • Added a new system for generating tags automatically when mod elements need them
  • Significantly improved the performance of the code generation system
  • MCreator now detects if a workspace and/or generator requires features or plugins that are not present/installed or failed to load and warns the user when opening the workspace
  • Minecraft Java Edition data pack generators now support feature mod element
  • Added support for handling ZIP files created on Windows on some non-English locales
  • Build errors dialog now takes significantly less time to parse build errors and become visible in large workspaces
  • The code editor for mod files now opens much faster in large workspaces
  • Added support for requiring multiple triggers for the advancement to be granted
  • Added base support for NeoForge 1.20.4
  • Added Minecraft data pack generator for 1.20.4
  • [NF 1.20.4] Added support for: custom code, key binding, sounds, variables, damage types, functions, potion items, commands, paintings, tags, structures, recipes, enchantments, GUIs, loot tables, particles, potion effects, game rules, music discs, creative tabs, JSON models, Java models, OBJ models, armor, villager trades, biomes, dimensions, advancements, features, item extensions, items, projectiles, villager professions, global triggers, blocks, tools, fluids, overlays, plants, living entities, procedures, AI tasks
  • [DP 1.20.4] Added support for: damage types, functions, structures, recipes, loot tables, biomes, dimensions, advancements, features
  • [Bugfix] Some slot manipulation procedure blocks altered value of the original item stack passed when they shouldn't
  • [Bugfix] Wait procedure block executed twice if present in a procedure triggered from both the server-side and client-side
  • [Bugfix] Some tool and armor values were incorrect relative to the iron material pack in pack maker tools
  • [Bugfix] Running test server could fail with file access errors in some cases
  • [Bugfix] In some cases, items that were not enabled were shown in the tab element order editor
  • [Bugfix] Projectile mod element could not be properly used in entity tags
  • [Bugfix] Attack damage value could be offset in some cases for item and tool mod elements
  • [Bugfix] Changes to the workspace settings do not apply to the mod files until the workspace is re-opened
  • [Bugfix] Server-side only mod workspace setting did not work
  • [Bugfix] Opening mod element editor that contains Blockly editor crashed MCreator on macOS 11
  • [Bugfix] Living entity model layers were not affected by surrounding lighting
  • [Bugfix] Tag entries with the same name as the registry name of the tag were not present in the generated tag JSON code
  • [Bugfix] Using world or itemstack dependency in the block special info text provider procedure caused build errors
  • [Bugfix] Using ranged item built-in item model caused models and textures of item properties not to work
  • [Bugfix] Shoot arrow projectile procedure block could get broken if vanilla arrows were used
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Snapshot release notes

  • Mod base files locking system was replaced with custom user code blocks. Existing code will have to be manually migrated to code blocks.
  • Themes can now define images in either SVG (recommended for HiDPI and Retina screens) or PNG format. GIF format is no longer supported. Some icons were renamed and/or removed.
  • Tags are now managed in a workspace tab. Existing tag mod elements will be converted to tag entries automatically.
  • Deal custom damage procedure block was removed. Existing procedures will be converted to deal a generic-type damage. Custom damage types should be now used to provide custom damage messages.
  • MCreator now requires plugins to specify the exact versions of the software they work with. Plugins need to specify the array of versions they support.
  • Attack damage value was adjusted so UI and in-game values match for item and tool (sword, hoe, special, multitool) mod elements. Manual adjustments may be needed.

A download of the snapshot is possible on the Download page under the Snapshot downloads section. 

Make sure to test the snapshot out so we can fix any potential bugs you find out. Leave a comment with your feedback on the update below. Stay tuned and keep on modding!

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Let's put 1.20.4 on forge, I don't like neoforge because you need to install another neoforge

Could you PLEASE PLEASE SERIOUSLY PLEASE add the option to use your custom potions in the item input/output sections for items, so I can actually make my potions have recipes? I swear you could once do this, but all I know for sure is it's not possible now.

Is there any guide on how to use it? For example, import models, among other mechanics? in neoforge

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