MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024: Mod Vote

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MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024: Mod Vote

The wait is over! We are announcing the top 5 mods of the ModJam. All mods were incredible, to say the least, but these five really stood out. Check them out!

Top 5 Minecraft mods of the ModJam

We had so much fun trying out all the mods. Below you can find the list of the top 5 mods. Selection of the mods was done by voting all of the mods independently by several team members of the MCreator and CurseForge teams. These independent ratings were then collected together and an average value of the voting was calculated. Based on the average rating of each mod, we sorted them from the highest ranking down. Five mods with the highest ranking were then picked.

The order is alphabetical and not how the mods scored in the voting. All 5 mods are currently ranked equal and it is up to the community to pick the winner.

Vote for your favorite mod here

Use the form below to vote for your favorite. Each vote counts and helps to choose the ModJam winner!


Aerlune RPG

Link to mod page

Link to CurseForge mod page

Minecraft Mod Aerlune RPG

This massive mod RPG mod made by Rhais is full of new characters, mobs, and creatures to discover. Fight bosses, travel and explore new places, hire creatures, and solve riddles! The unearthly radiance emanating from towering dark structures reigns over the undead, directing them to extract valuable resources for their masters. Explore new biomes and worlds, collect new materials, make weapons, explore new mechanics, and more. This mod will keep you busy for days!

Protection Pixel

Link to mod page

Link to CurseForge mod page

Minecraft Mod Protection Pixel

This steampunk-style mod made by JEDIGD is all about armor. Each part of the armor has different functions and attributes to help players adapt to the rich environment in Minecraft and fight in the way they excel and enjoy. At the same time, players can use the massive industrial system of the Create to synthesize, process, and strengthen their armor. Use special customized machines to customize armor beyond your imagination!

Realm RPG: Quests & Rewards

Link to mod page

Link to CurseForge mod page

Minecraft Mod Realm RPG: Quests & Rewards

This mod made by NoCube adds a system of repeatable quests, inspired by MMORPGs. When you explore the vast worlds of Minecraft, you can stumble upon new structures with NPSs inside. Talk to them to receive a procedurally generated quest. There are tons of pre-defined quests, but the amazing part of this mod is that one can in fact use JSON to define custom quests. Quests can range from tasks of delivery, crafting, hunting, fishing, training, building, and much more.

Steam Powered

Link to mod page

Link to CurseForge mod page

Minecraft Mod Steam Powered

This mod made by Acidpop adds Steampunk-styled machines, mobs, items, armor, and more. Explore new biomes like the wetlands, traverse them with unique vehicles, and uncover valuable resources. Generate Steam to power new steampunk-styled machines added by this mod. Build and utilize, you guessed it - steam-powered, cobots to automate tasks to enhance your base. You can drive around with steam-powered cars too!

The Quackening

It had come to our attention that The Quackening mod was already being developed before the ModJam started. Therefore, this mod is disqualified.

Link to mod page

Link to CurseForge mod page

Minecraft Mod The Quackening

Did anyone say QUACK? In this mod made by kiakkers, ducks will invade your world and raid you. Find and take down the bases they create, and arm yourself against the ducks. There are various types of duck warriors, such as foot soldiers, duck archers, armored ducks, and commanders, as well as ballista ducks and even flying ducks attacking from the sky. Then there are huge boss ducks to fight, including the quackenator. Are you ready for the quackagedon?

Next steps?

We will announce the top 3 mods after the voting is closed and we process the votes. Congratulations to all the mods participating in this ModJam, it has been an awesome journey so far. Good luck to the top 5 contestants. May the best mod win!

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Will there be another mod to replace the quackening, or it's now only top four?

This apology post is regarding the disqualification of my Quackening mod from the MCreator Modjam because it was considered developed before the Modjam.

In late April, I experimented with different random ideas and features, including one with a duck beforehand. When the Modjam was announced, I decided to participate and develop the rough duck idea into an actual proper mod, which will become the Quackening.

I should have restarted properly from a new MCreator project to ensure it does not contain any elements created before 27th April, instead of just building on an existing project file. I believed this had violated the first rule of the Mod Jam.

I am very sorry for such a mistake, and I would like to apologize to the organizers, fellow contestants and the community. I will continue to support this awesome mod jam as an observer.

This apology will also remain on The Quackening mod page as a constant reminder.

Honestly, I don't think you starting a couple days early was that big of a deal. Specially considering one of the mods basically recused all the work needed to nothing by using AI art. You will be the spiritual winner of the modjam to me and I congratulate you for making my personal favourite mod of the jam

I hope another co test will have more prices. I still can't understand how modfing contest for stardew valley had five winners, and each won 2500 usd, and minecraft modding contest have only 1750 usd in total. That's underrating minecraft.

Congratulations to everyone who has participated in the ModJam and to the top 5 mods!

What about my Mod „Forest Friends“?

I'm not surprised my mod didn't make it, since they was so many cool mods. Congrats to everyone who made top 5 and also QUACC

Unfortunately, I don't have the voting form visible. Screenshot:

I took my vote. Although I believe one of those top finishers cheated. But anyway, I'm taking this as if it's the best mcreator mod, Totally ignoring the rule about it being made in May.

when I saw the other submissions my confidence in my mod just vanished! These mods are great, I especially like the Quackening because it's so weird lol

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