Wesbite update: new logo, spoilers and more!

Published by Klemen on Thu, 05/26/2016 - 17:56
Wesbite update: new logo, spoilers and more!

You might have already noticed some changes on our website. New logo, spoiler support, some design changes, image galleries for mod pages and much more. If you would like to read about all the changes so you don't miss any, hit read more!

The first and the most important change is a new logo. Now the logo follows a new flat design trend and is overall cleaner. We have been considering this change for a while and now we have finally decided to release a new logo for our website and for the MCreator itself.

The next thing are many changes related to the modification pages of users on our community section. Now users have to select the category in which the mod falls. We choose different categories and feature them on the front page of the community. Spoilers are now again supported and you can now divide your mod page into sections. Mods can now have more than one picture. The first image is the main image used over the website and other pictures are only shown on the mod page itself in a neat gallery. On the side of the mod page is now located a new section called related mods. Here you can find mods that are related to the one you are currently looking. We are still working on our relation recognition system so recommendations might not be perfect yet.

We have introduced a new submenu of the main menu on the download and community section of our website. The main purpose of this menu is to ease the browsing experience so the user can easily find the page he is looking for and its subpages.

New submenu on the website to improve the browsing experience

New submenu on the website to improve the browsing experience

Last but not least, we have improved our mobile website with a better menu, improved front page with multiple articles instead of only one and many other amazing and useful enchantments. Make sure to check it out on your smartphone!

New MCreator's mobile website on a smartphone

New MCreator's mobile website on a smartphone

To sum up, we have made many changes to the website in the past weeks so make sure to give us your feedback in the comment section. You might have already noticed in the changelog of MCreator that some important bugs have been fixed, that the new MCreator will use Java 8 and that we have already started to work on MCreator for Minecraft 1.9.4 so stay tuned!

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Brilliant changes to Mcreator. Seen it been going uphill since I've been here. Keep up the good work!

I am glad spoilers are coming back; when they were first released it allowed for a cleaner mod description. Also, the image galleries sounds like a good idea and the "related" mods idea to. This program and website have evolved so much in the last 2.5 years it's amazing. I am glad I could be apart of it.

Dang this website has come far...the amount the community has grown and all the creations being made its amazing!! And, like xXMCXx said, THE SPOILERS ARE BACK!!! anyways great job on the site and the program, keep up the good work. :)

@#5 Oh and Klemen, i am going to send you an email form your contact on the Pylo page. It will have a list of things that would be really good to add to the Mcreator program, and the code to do it. So just keep a look out for that.

Hey Human Behind That Computer Screen Great Work Recently Ive Been Here Since The Begginning And Guess What Your Program Is Beyond Competition No Need To Even Compete With You You Do The Best I Thank You And Bid You Farewell Until The Next Comment I Post

PS Can You Make Slabs And Stairs On Mcreator I Honestly Don't Remember ?

OMG... AWESOME!!! I actually KNOW how to code... but this is for the less detailed things in my new mod... Also... AWESOME that ALL THIS is going on, did I mention YOU are AWESOME... I'm gunna stop using so much caps now so this doesn't look like spam...

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