MCreator 2020.5 pre-release

Published by Klemen on Sun, 10/25/2020 - 17:05
MCreator 2020.5 pre-release

The pre-release of the last feature update of MCreator is here. Adding particles, bedrock edition 1.16.x support, new statement procedure blocks, it is one of the biggest snapshots to date.

I would like to say one huge thanks to all the contributors and translators, they really helped shape this update as we see it now. I felt really bad when I had to announce we need to cut the line with PRs, seeing the enthusiasm of contributors, but it had to be done at one point, or the release would never come ;)

EAP 2020.5.43719 changelog

Major new features in this snapshot are highlighted with bold text.

  • Added custom particle mod element
  • Updated Blockly to 2020 Q3 patch 3
  • Updated Minecraft Bedrock Edition add-on generator to version 1.16.x
  • Added structure X and Z offset parameters to structure spawn mod element
  • Added apply bone meal action at location procedure block
  • Improved previews of some of the mod elements in the workspace view and added procedure previews
  • Added procedure block that switches the current world to another world/dimension
  • Added for each entity in range procedure statement block
  • Added parameter to specify optional custom food eating result item
  • Added for each item in the inventory of entity procedure statement block
  • Local variables of procedure templates and imported procedures are now automatically added to the procedure
  • Added break blocks of type AI task for custom entities
  • Improved custom fluid lake generation options with biome condition, frequency, and custom condition support
  • Added option to specify global trigger result action if supported by the selected global trigger
  • Added support for itemstack return value type and itemstack type custom dependency to procedures
  • Added wood pack maker quick pack tool
  • Added custom plant mod element item texture parameter
  • Added direction offset procedure blocks
  • Added pickup delay and do-not-despawn parameters to spawn gem procedure block
  • Added option to hide fluid texture from the block when submerged in the water
  • Added new procedure blocks: number of players in the world / on the server, and for each player in the current world
  • Added new fluid procedure blocks: is block waterloggable, get fluid at, is block a fluid, is block a fluid source, convert fluid to the bucket, convert bucket to fluid
  • Added new entity procedure blocks: is entity immune to fire, is entity immune to explosions, get absorption health level, set sprinting/sneaking to true/false, is the entity of creature type, get food saturation level, set food saturation level
  • Added new global procedure triggers: entity sets its attack target, entity about to grief, player XP amount/level changes, player deals a critical hit, zombies siege a village, farmland is trampled, crop attempts to grow
  • Added option to specify a separate particle texture for blocks and plants
  • Added new procedure triggers to plant mod element: on plant added, on a block placed by, random display tick
  • Added direct entity comparison procedure block
  • Added water entity creature type option for custom entities
  • Added custom code output procedure block alongside existing procedural custom code block
  • [Bugfix] Plugins that hardcoded procedure block texts and did not use file failed to load
  • [Bugfix] Advancement and armor dropdowns did not work in localized environments
  • [Bugfix] Armor boots could not select "From armor" texture
  • [Bugfix] Water did not flow out of waterlogged blocks when neighbor blocks changed
  • [Bugfix] Biomes from older workspaces could fail to import properly
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Release notes

  • [Plugins] Added Blockly statement input with optional dependency contexts support

Note for contributors

Once again, thank you for all your feature contributions. Now it is time to test things out. Because in the past I learned the hard way new features after pre-release are not wise, I will learn from this mistake this time. This means that now only PRs fixing bugs introduced during work on this version will be accepted. PRs with new features will have to be ignored or closed. Even if 2020.6 happens, it will be oriented on bug fixing and 1.16.x support only.

Testing is as important as adding new features, so if you have time to do some testing and bug fixing, it would be awesome.

The future?

Many people are asking me if 2020.6 is a thing or not. The answer is I don't know for sure yet as well :D I will post an article on all this after the final 2020.5 release and after things like patches and such settle down. Then, I will announce my final plans in the article on this website, as I already hinted in the previous article.

Feature overview video

If you would like to see all the most important features of the upcoming 2020.5 update collected in a video, check it out below.


Users of MCreator, make sure to test the snapshot out so the last feature release will be a stable one, thank you in advance! Leave a comment with your feedback on the update below. Stay tuned and keep on modding! ;)

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When I said to myself a few times ago, there weren't a lot of procedure blocks in MCreator, now I think it's much better.
Concerning the PRs about features that are already opened, will you consider to merge some of them or MCToolkit will have to add them?

Good thing we have a procedure block search now :P

For PRs, I can't say for sure, as you probably already predicted. I will try to merge some in 2020.6 if it happens, but likely won't be able to do all (most) of them, especially newer ones. Late PRs were opened with a warning about the chance of not getting in. I will do my best, but surely (especially if there will be more of them in the future), not all of them.

After all, 2020.6 is only a plan (for 1.16.x support), not another full feature update. If I had time to do all this, I would not be stopping MCreator development, if you know what I mean ;)

Submitted by MrScautHD on Sun, 10/25/2020 - 19:59 Permalink

nice! i hope 2020.6 Release! (you the Best Developer of the world!)

Klemens, you had me at eating food result item, yayy. If I wasn't broke after paying bills, I'd donate man. Klemens the Great

Best Snapshot!!! You guys are awsome! Now think of it, we got set sprint/sneak, what about crawling(swimming mode on land) ? lol

You're just spoiling us at this point. PARTICLES?! "For each <x>" procedures! I've been waiting for something like this for a while. And I must say I'm a fan of the new element previews!

And now I can get back to developing because my workspace is no longer unusable because it has plugins with hardcoded procedures! Heheheh... heh...
Look, I just really wanted paintings, ok?

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