The second 2021.1 snapshot

Published by Klemen on Sat, 01/16/2021 - 18:21
The second 2021.1 snapshot

The second 2021.1 snapshot is here. This snapshot fixes some bugs reported by the community and adds some very interesting new features. More in the article!

EAP 2021.1.03117 changelog

Major new features and bug fixes in this snapshot are highlighted with bold text.

  • Added a general wait/delay procedure block
  • Added option for custom blocks and plants to colorize with foliage, grass, or water
  • Added custom game rule mod element
  • Added explosion mode parameter to explode procedure block
  • Added new direction procedures tab and added some new direction-related procedures
  • Improved automated broken Gradle caches handling a bit more
  • Improved handling of references to deleted mod elements to avoid game crashes when this happens
  • Added entity type tag type to tag mod element
  • Added is provided entity tagged in tag group procedure block
  • Added missing item procedure triggers to the food mod element
  • Added brewing recipe type support to the recipe mod element
  • Improved workspace selector UI
  • Added markdown syntax highlighting in the code editor
  • Added fluid and block detection mode parameters to raytracing procedure blocks
  • Added new is the player looking at the block, and block face looking at raytracing procedure blocks
  • Added new block procedure blocks: can the block be fertilized with bonemeal, play break effect of a block, get enchant power bonus of block, get block opacity, check block plant type
  • [FG 1.16.4] Added maximal water depth parameter to the custom biome trees
  • [FG 1.16.4] Added support for custom biome ambient particles
  • [FG 1.16.4] Added support for custom biome sounds and music
  • [FG 1.16.4] Added support for custom items and tools that are immune to fire
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.4] Some custom biomes did not generate features properly when default features were specified
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.4] Specifying custom GUI tick procedure disabled most parts of the mod in the game
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.4] Is biome at location procedure block did not work properly in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Ranged items with default model did not render properly in off-hand
  • [Bugfix] Some procedure blocks caused build errors when used inside the switch-world procedure statement block
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Release notes

  • [Plugins] Procedure block statement inputs can now declare incompatibility with local variables
  • [Plugins] Procedure blocks can now declare incompatibility with statement blocks

Minecraft 1.16.5

Minecraft 1.16.5 was released a few days ago. We plan to add support for this version in the third snapshot, after a recommended Minecraft Forge release for 1.16.5 is available. MCreator Link support for 1.16.5 is planned too. We are also working on some more features for this release. Translators are also welcome to join us and help translate MCreator to as many languages as possible.

Make sure to tell us what you think about the update in the comments, test out the snapshot, and report bugs (only by you reporting the bugs properly, we can assure a bug-free release) in the snapshot. Keep on modding!

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I am so Glad that you guys still develop this I am so happy that you added the wait/delay procedure thank you very much !!!

Suggestion: Add advanced liquid support and fix features like viscosity. Currently, the fluid type also determines the particle color. A nice change would be to make the color customizable in some way. There are some other things about fluids that need to change but that is the most important in my opinion. Seeing blue water particles in a red liquid for example really ruins the immersion.

I am still hyped for the update!

Hello I was not able to download the version not yet available or is it a bug?
i From Brazil

Would you like to know when the update will be released? I'm really looking forward to it. Optimal Forge 1.16.5 has been out for a long time, so I really want to find out and start working. By the way, I have a question. I tried to register, but since I'm Russian, I didn't understand what I should do. As a result, my account was blocked during registration. I registered with a friend's email address to write this. Is there a way to unlock the account? (account email

Is 1.7.10 no longer supported...?
If so, I'd like to know the download link for the last 1.7.10 compatible Mcreator

OMG YES! its amazing cant wait to play with the features! (im putting a bug report here as idk where to put it) so i have been updating my mod and the custom dimensions the biomes wont work unless it spawns in the overworld too so when i enter the portal i disappear and twitch until i die, when i looked in the biomes list for all dimensions they didn't pop up unless i check off "spawns in overworld". so ya a nasty bug for ya ^^" but other than that it works really well!

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