2nd 2021.3 snapshot - Bug fixes and some new features

Published by Klemen on Mon, 11/15/2021 - 17:15
2nd 2021.3 snapshot - Bug fixes and some new features

The second MCreator 2021.3 snapshot is here. This one mostly fixes 1.17 related bugs, so this snapshot should be much more stable. More in the article!

This snapshot mostly focuses on bug fixes for 1.17 and makes sure that MCreator properly launches on macOS systems. This means Mac users can now also start testing the 1.17 support. We still added some new neat features too.

Snapshot changelog

Major new features and changes in this snapshot are highlighted with bold text.

  • Added ternary operator procedure block
  • Plant suspicious stew parameter now supports custom potions
  • Added date and time related procedure blocks
  • [Bugfix] The application did not launch on macOS
  • [Bugfix] Procedures could crash the game in cases where dependency was unknown
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.17.1] Multitool tool type only acted as a pickaxe
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.17.1] GUI components do not scale properly with the game scale
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.17.1] Custom living entities did not spawn if no restriction biomes were specified
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.17.1] Custom world generation conditions caused build errors in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Release notes

  • [Plugins] Plugins can now register custom Blockly JavaScript files
  • [Plugins] Plugins now fully support custom data lists

Make sure to install and test this snapshot, so we can get it to a stable release as soon as possible :) This time, MacOS users should be able to test too :D Leave a comment, feedback and stay awesome!

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Nice uptade, but could you fix the bug with OBJ+MTL models please? There is a problem that my model is completely black instead of gold. Thanks!

Guys sorry for writing here but when i making the mod and creating armor it say that no texture but i put it

Bruh this is amazing but weird they released 1.17.x support when 1.18 is coming next week.

BRUH. Now it's going to take till 2022.1/2021.4 to get 1.18.x support which will probs release in February-May 2022. Funny thing is 1.19 will release round that time. basically, I'm saying is that mcreator is usually 1 update behind minecraft.

Klemen: We could by having a official Fabric generator. It would be much easier and faster to update ;)

Jonnyboy: MC 1.19 won't be released in March. They would have 2 months to make it. They started working on the 1.18 and they already started to work on it in 1.17 (before they decided to split the update in two parts). It will surely be released May or June.

I have a mod idea that I'm wanting to make, but I currently have a dilemma if I should wait till 2021.3 or not, does anyone know what should I do? Also, is it possible to port 1.16 mods to 1.17?

You can port them. I suggest you check our tutorials collection playlist on our YouTube channel which contains many examples and tutorials that can help you get started with MCreator: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAeL-oIFIEngE6jRgFYeFMfuj8WQsO3Ei

You should also try snapshot so you can test and make sure it works fine for you so you can report any problems before full release.

Help, mcreator won't load in a mcreator mod i made or when i want to make a new workspace it keeps loading for over than an hour

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