MCreator x CurseForge ModJam

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MCreator x CurseForge ModJam

Our planet earth needs a change to create a sustainable environment to live in. To spread awareness, the MCreator team is making a ModJam with CurseForge. Read on!

The Sustainability Project

As we already said in the teaser, our planet earth needs a massive change to create a sustainable environment to live in. In order to encourage a mindset for sustainability, we are partnering with CurseForge by making the biggest mod contest in the history of MCreator. Maybe some of the early MCreator users still remember some of the contests we did in the past. After quite some break, we think it is time for another one. But this one will be much bigger, with better rewards, much bigger coverage, and most importantly, with the kind help of the CurseForge team. We are already looking forward to seeing this event roll out!

Tell me more!

As we already said a few times, we are teaming up with CurseForge itself for this one! The goal of this ModJam is to make a mod that highlights issues with our current way of living and provides ideas on how to overcome them. This can include but is not limited to sustainable energy sources, industry, farming, recycling, natural disaster mitigation, and more.

So here are the requirements for the mods:

  • Mods need to cover the contest theme of sustainable planet Earth
  • Mods created and/or published before the contest was announced can not participate
  • Mods need to be made with the help of MCreator but can contain custom code too
  • Mods can be made by individuals or modding teams utilizing MCreator Git integration or other means of collaboration, e.g., roles such as modeler, texture maker, gameplay designer, programmer, … 
  • Mods need to be posted on and optionally on, preferably both
  • Mod description page should include “Participant in The Sustainability Project – MCreator x CurseForge ModJam
  • On the CurseForge, mods need to include the MCreator tag
  • Mods need to be submitted for the contest on
  • By participating, you agree we can mention your mod name, contents, screenshots, and mod logo for the purposes of the contest promotion and execution


Selection of the best mods will be made by MCreator’s website/developer team and by the CurseForge team at the end of March.

Each party will rate each mod with a rating from 0 to 10. A separate rating for the mod page will be provided. The average of votes of both parties will be the final mod rating. Rating will be based on mod quality, originality, theme, complexity, gameplay, and scope. A similar rating applies to the mod pages. 

If specific members of the MCreator's community team (contributors, moderators, …) want to join the competition, they will not be able to provide their vote to keep the contest fair.


Mods and mod pages winning the contest will be promoted on MCreator’s website and by CurseForge. CurseForge is also kindly providing quite hefty rewards for the top 3 mods. The rewards will be:

  • 750 USD in CurseForge points for the mod winning the 1st place
  • 500 USD in CurseForge points for the mod winning the 2nd place
  • 250 USD in CurseForge points for the mod winning the 3rd place
  • 250 USD in CurseForge points for the mod having the best mod page

The best mod page reward can also be rewarded to one of the best mods, resulting in a total of 1000 USD in CurseForge points possible for the winner and in total 1750 USD of rewards budget!

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Will there be another "MCreator x CurseForge ModJam" this year?

Slight problem, curse forge won't approve my mod, they say it didn't have a big enough description. I have since improved but it is taking a little while for it to be approved which has me concerned.
Also, wanted to ask If I need to upload it to mcreator's website for it to be judged as in the form the link is required? And on mcreator it said my description wasn't big enough (I was just trying to get it up and edit the description later).

Yeah, saw it being on MCR page, but not being on submitting list (probably because CF page not being approved) and thought that it is a shame considering the effort put in it (Patchouli addition is really great, and I like how it is both useful and sustainable-themed). Wishing you good luck with new modjam ^^

Everything was posted before the deadline but it just got approved this morning :( It really is a shame because I worked an entire month on the project and even took a day off work to polish everything and make it perfect. I have been making small mods for the last 5 years but never dared to publish anything. I did not know it needed to be approved before the deadline, I thought it was ok that it was published before the deadline but I was wrong. I am not really in it for the prizes, I just wished my mod could get reviewed. I am glad you liked it! Thank you ^^

A question:

Are solar cells, solar panels, wind turbines and ocean generators sustainable?

I have a question, i know that you have said that it will end at the end of march, but what will end at the end of march? will the voting end or will the submissions end?

I've got 2 Questions.
1. How many Mods have been submitted so far?
2. When will the Winners be announced, after the votes close?

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