2nd 2023.1 snapshot and 1st snapshot of the year

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2nd 2023.1 snapshot and 1st snapshot of the year

The first snapshot of the year is here. And it is another one packed with features, getting ready for the feature update of 2023.1. Make sure to check it out!

2nd snapshot of 2023.1?

How is this 2nd snapshot if this is the first snapshot of 2023.1 you may ask? As explained in the 2022.4 release article, 2023.1 and 2022.4 are essentially the same version, so the first snapshot was 2022.4 versioned, but is now 2023.1.

Snapshot changelog

This is a full changelog of this snapshot with more notable changes highlighted with bold text.

  • Updated Blockly to v9.2.0
  • Added Chinese help tips for most of the UI elements
  • Pressing the delete key on the workspace panel lists deletes the selected elements
  • Pressing enter key on the workspace panel lists edits the selected elements
  • Added custom entity spawn eggs and custom dimension portal blocks to the block/item selector
  • Added an option to define bone meal conditions and action procedures for custom blocks and plants
  • Added support for custom armor item JSON and OBJ models
  • Added entity procedure blocks: get the first passenger
  • Added itemstack procedure blocks: get max stack size, is stackable, is damaged, is damageable
  • Added new item procedure blocks: get item harvest level
  • Added feature types: huge fungus, forest rock, underwater coral tree, underwater coral claw, and underwater coral mushroom
  • Added feature conditional placements: is block solid, inside world bounds, is block with sturdy face, is air, is air or water, is block replaceable, would block survive on position, condition negation
  • Added new feature placements: repeated N times, repeated N times on every layer, (repeated) noise-based count
  • Added feature height placements: with trapezoid distribution, biased to bottom height, very biased to bottom height
  • Added new feature integer providers: constant, random integer, biased random integer, random integer with normal distribution, clamp integer
  • Added mod compatibility procedures: is mod loaded, convert registry name to item, convert registry name to block
  • Added scan blocks up or down until condition is met feature placement block
  • Improved code generator system internals
  • [Bugfix, A 1.19.x] Loot tables editor did not work properly
  • [Bugfix] Custom item damage vs mob/animal parameter did not work
  • [Bugfix] Some animated textures could break the block/item selector
  • [Bugfix] Java model coverage was not shown properly in certain cases for plugin generators in the generator selector
  • [Bugfix] In some cases, certain mod files were not deleted by the generator when they should be
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Release changelog

Below is the changelog of the previous snapshots, covering all the changes in the upcoming 2023.1 release.

  • Updated bundled Java to version OpenJDK 17.0.5
  • Updated 1.19.2 Minecraft Forge version to 43.2.0
  • The default particles setting is now All in the test Minecraft environment
  • Added some new buttons to the toolbar for easier action access
  • Added custom code snippet procedure blocks to the AI builder
  • Custom GUI and overlay texts are now included in localization system and can be translated
  • Added new entity with ranged attacks parameters: ranged attack interval and radius
  • Added option to define custom GUI input slot limits using item tags
  • Added option to separately specify slot pickup and placement parameters with conditional procedure support
  • Changed is item of tool type procedure block to more general is item of item type procedure block
  • Removed GUI and overlay label tokens and replaced them with string return procedures system
  • Improved biome generation parameters system
  • Added feature mod element
  • Added feature types: simple block, lake, huge red mushroom, huge brown mushroom, block pile
  • Added feature placements: on heightmap, with random XZ within a chunk, with a chance, within a biome, on surface water depth, based on block survival
  • Added feature height placements: at height, with uniform distribution, with triangular distribution, n blocks above world bottom or below world top
  • Added procedure blocks to get block, item, and entity registry names
  • Added entity procedure blocks: set entity frozen for a number of ticks, get number of ticks entity was frozen, make entity stop riding an entity
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.19.2] The wait procedure block sometimes crashed the game
  • [Bugfix] Biomes did not register to the overworld dimension properly in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Melee attack AI task had too big of an attack range in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Using break and continue Blockly blocks outside the loops caused build errors
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Snapshot release notes

  • [Plugins] Added support for list templates, which allows generating similar templates for a list of data from the mod element
  • [Plugins] Generator template parameter exclude has been removed and should be replaced with conditions, deleteWhenConditionFalse parameter is now ignored and handled automatically instead
  • [Plugins] Java plugins can now declare and use custom Blockly editors
  • [Plugins] Custom template sections for the preferences dialog can now be added using Java plugins

A download of the snapshot is possible on the Download page under the Snapshot downloads section. 

Make sure to test the snapshot out so the release will be a stable one. Leave a comment with your feedback on the update below. Stay tuned and keep on modding!

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The feature is such a great too to decorate the world easilly, love it !

Just wanted to say here I think spawning for water creatures may be bugged out for all versions. I've encountered issues with mobs over spawning in water past 2 years in dif projects, no matter the mob's spawn weight or numbers. I've tried to counter this issue though it's been an ongoing issue. The site's wiki on mobs spawning also doesn't hold entirely up with newer versions. Example is, that it says mob spawn weight could be turned into percentages lower than 1 (like 0.23, 0.5, etc) though is impossible in recent versions.

I'm sorry if this doesn't exactly fit comment on this page. I am super looking forward to the mod's newest snapshots! :)

I want MCreator to display specific information when executing decompile when building the working area of Forge module, such as decompile progress

This is the most beautiful update I've played, finally the biomes work better than before, but what's bad is that the workshop always shows a build error when you open it, that breaks the whole mod and the regenerate code button doesn't work either

This update is really great! I also have some questions
1. When will you stop updating 1.18.2
2. Could you please add a custom Trident or shield
3. Please add a new process --------- get the maximum damage done by entity

I would assume that 1.18.2 support will cease when 1.20.x support is added, as usually only the two most recently supported versions are available. However, 1.19.2 may have been a small enough update for modding that they remove support for that instead in favor of 1.18.2 and 1.20.x, similar to how 1.17.x was removed early in favor of 1.16.5 and 1.18.2.

Make a option to sit on blocks, i'll love to make chair without make a complex procedure. If you can do this.

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