Nerdy's Curios API Plugin

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EAP 2022.3.41417
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About the plugin

Curios API support has finally been introduced to MCreator! Using this plugin, you can easily create functional Curios Items using the global triggers provided.


Global Triggers:


Curios equip and Unequip detection triggers:


Example of a functional curio item:


picture example



Version 3 changelog:

-Added support for forge 1.19.2

Version 2 changelog:

-Added curios return triggers to 1.16.5

Version 1 changelog:

-Removed support for Curio unequipped trigger for generator 1.18.2
-Added new triggers exclusive to 1.18.2 generator:
On curios slot change, return equipped item
On curios slot change, return unequipped item
-Fixed world triggers causing build error


If you need further instructions, you can find them here:…

MIT License

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The trigger for unequipping curio items in 1.18.2 is kinda broken right now, so ill be completely changing the triggers for that version. 1.16.5 works just fine, It shouldn't take me long to fix 1.18.2 but converting versions to that after the fix will not break anything you made in 1.16.5!

The functional flow of curios does not work directly in the error reporting of the opening sentence (Curios).

Where is the Set Global: Function to: (value) for entity: event/target entity block? I can't find it...

The trigger cannot be used and an error will be reported once used

To know if the plugin is correcting installed, do we still check if it's in the external api's tab like in previous versions? It's not there for me, that why I'm asking.

Will it ever be possible to register custom curios items into slots? Or is that always going to need code