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I don't know if this is a bug, but when I was trying my mod I accidentally pressed F3+B, the button for showing hitboxes. I was fighting against a mob with the Silverfish model, when I noticed that its hitbox was as big as a Zombie hitbox. In fact, I could hit the Silverfish-like mob in the air because its hitbox was a lot bigger than the mob itself. I tried to spawn a vanilla Silverfish, and I noticed that its hitbox was fine.

The same happens with chicken model mobs. Their hitboxes are too big.

There is a similar bug with slimes that I found a lot of time ago but I always forgot to report it.

When you make a mob with a slime model, it always spawn as a little sized slime (that isn't a bug) but its hitbox can be big, small or medium. I think that it's only that the hitbox changes based on the slime size, but the model doesn't.

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Issue comments

I can confirm this. Thank you for your bug report. We will try to fix this in near future updates.

Oh, good. It's going to be fixed. I have a mob with the Slime model and it seems to have a zombie-like hitbox.

In 1.8.0 chickens have an extremely little hitbox (so little that you have to damage them with lava). Chickens that were made in older versions still have a big model

That's another version of this bug sometimes you will get mob that's hitbox is in a ground block making it unable to move around
as a temporary fix I suggest you to add this to your code this.setSize(Weight, Height); 
Also this have to be Float so it should look like this: this.setSize(0.2F, 0.2F);  

This bug will be fixed in MCreator 1.8.1, which will allow custom hitbox sizes and set proper sizes based on mob model by default.

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