Brewing stand recipes

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Issue description

It would be great if it is possible to add brewing stand recipes to the recipe element.

so that we can make things that have to be created through the brewing stand.

this could be added in 1.8.1 or 1.8.2

Issue comments

We have this in the plan, but for more distant version, queues for upcoming updates are quite full already.

I just found this post and was about to ask the same.  I have some brewing recipes I had planned to add for creating varying potions for the ores I'm adding to my mod. Is there an alternative method to use without having the UI to support it in 1.8.1?

You could do this in code, but I don't have any snippets right now. Do some googling and you should find some examples.

Can you guys throw the code for crafting in brewing stand? Please. Hi from Russia.

This is still a much-needed issue. We have custom potions but no actual way to brew them.

Do brewing stands use a simple file that is like the other crafting/smelting blocks? Or does it not, and use something much more complicated, which is why it hasn’t been added yet?

They are defined with JAVA atm. The main problem is implementing mapping from all possible potion types to code representation of this and the fact I have other tickets in focus atm :D

Yes, I thought that it was .java, but I didn't remember where I heard it, so I wasn't sure.

Thanks! :)

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