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Issue description

At the moment, we can only translate blocks/items/mobs/etc. names but we can't still translate block/items descriptions and we can't also translate the text in GUIs.

So, can you add an option to translate item/block descriptions and the text in a GUI?

Also, (I don't know if this is possible), an option to translate text sent by a procedure or a mob label?



Issue comments

We will consider adding a translation option to all fields.

Regarding the second request, I don't think this is possible as the values are hardcoded in lang files.

To use loczalizations for tooltips here is the code.

public void addInformation(ItemStack itemstack, World world, List<ITextComponent> list, ITooltipFlag flag) {
  list.add(new TranslationTextComponent("item.farm_adventure_ii.aquamarine.tooltip"));

I think I don't have to mention this, but the thing to replace is item.farm_adventure_ii.aquamarine.tooltip.

I only tested in 1.15.2, but it should also work 1.14.4/1.16.2 (I saw this code on the 1.16.2 version of Botania).

Thanks for the code :) Actually, I just did not get my time to get my hands on this ticket yet ;)

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