Enable the option to use minecraft textures plus a few other options

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 10:57
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I would like to see a few options, one to be able to change the perducers without having to recompile each more that i using it, it seems when changed some other mods are unable to update.

I would also like the option when I want to use lets say the default textures like wood we can select the option for this and puts the code in to use the minecraft texture A this is useful for texture packs, this is also useful for new users that want to make nice things and new models but use the default textures having a models wood change to fit the same wood of any texture pack would be really useful and help new compers so when it pops up to select your models texter have a top to also use stock, also this will could down on size of the mod at times as the mod does not need to always include these images.

options to check for a mod item, so we can use structures with custom blocks but do a check and if that mod item we need is not there we can tell it to load another stucture, we only need to know the mod's real name and item.

Option for basic config control, so we can enable parts of a mod by a check of a config file so end users can lets say disable mobs and other items for servers so on.

 In the mod file a option so we can set out own website and update url and mod dependantce so when we build it add home page, update url option, and option to include what mods are needed for our mod to work, useful for curse.

Issue comments

The issue tracker is mean to be used as one issue/request per ticket so we can mark status and priority of each one.

You can disable the recompilation for each time in preferences.

Default textures should not be used. There are already too many unoriginal mods and this way, even more, would be made. The texture maker that is integrated offers templates to quickly start making own textures.

I don't fully understand this one, but using custom blocks is already possible. Regarding issues with mod names in textures, this will be fixed soon as we have fixed workspace mod names in the plan in the future.

It is not safe to disable items for servers as servers need a reference to the item too. This would cause way too many bugs as most users would not understand the effect of such an option. But we do have a ticket open for server-side only mods.

Custom home url website will most likely be added as a part of commercial MCreator version if this, of course, gets realized (we are still collecting poll results).

I will add option to add dependencies listed, although mods made with MCreator only usually don't have dependencies as MCreator can't effectively use them.

I hope this answered to your questions/requests.

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I think you are confused, when I say default textures is for models that want to use the same wood or log types of the game so when a user themes there game the custom model is also updated as it's using the minecraft normal textures, this is good for lets say chairs or draws or in my case crib sides, having to add the item to mcreator is just taking space up not needed as we are using the games default textures.

It's a bad idea to create new textures that already are in the base game, so using the default images it not to be lazy it's to fit in the style of wood, do you get what I mean now? it's not about texture makers it's about been stream line with what your mod is, lets say I have a custom block that is  a table but the legs are using a log bark texture, there is no point adding that to your workspace, when it just needs to link to the log texture in the base game, this is about good design and fitting in nothing to do with been lazy.

When I said custom blocks this as nothing to do with MCreator, when we make some mods to lets say work with another mod if we have a option to check if that block is there from the OTHER MOD not MCreator mod, if it's there then we can spawn a custom building with that mods blocks, this already works in a way, and that is if that mod is not installed it will just leave that block air but if we have a option to do a mod name check we can then spawn a different structure based on mods we have installed.

This option will make MCreator very useful, been able to refer other mods will give a mod a reason, been able to add new items that is able to give a user a modded item from another mod, addon mods are more welcome then just basic mods it's possible to do a check for a mod so adding it to mcreator would be useful.

Also these are requests that is what I posted this as I used this section of the site right.

The custom url atlest the the updater should be settable in all versions as there are mods and forge options what check that url for updates to a mod, this is not for your use it's for forge use, thie should be part of the tool at default, also some websites use that URL to create a out support link for that mod, it could create problems people asking you for help on a mod you never made and what the user never even posted on mcreator.

When I said disable mods I mean models and imags are not needed for a server side so I more mean it gens a more server friendly jar, but server side only mods would also be epic.

I will consider adding these in the future. Keep in mind that for the resources one, I will have to make quite a few changes to the resource selection system so this one will take a while.

I will add more mcmod.info options in future updates too.

Feature requests are welcome, of course, but each feature should have own ticket so I can close one by one when they are done so they can be tracked - this is where the name issue tracker comes from :)

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I will admit the other idea's came to me soon as I was writing the first one lol

Or I understand it could take time might even a 2.3000.x lol but it's just what I had in mid at the time.

So future ideas I will make single posts I would say if you can split this tracker section in to two so we can submite ideas faster so we not limited to one every so offen I forget ideas fast :)

You can already use vanilla minecraft textures in your mod.

There is a folder that stores all the textures used by you mod project (I don't remember its name, though). If you add a vanilla texture there it will be compatible with vanilla resource packs.

For example, if you want to make a new grass block and you need the dirt texture, copy and paste in that folder the dirt.png texture.

You could write them down and then submit them :) Or open a forum topic, list them here and the post most approved ones from other users on the tracker. Just a few ideas :D

I have added this limit because otherwise the issue tracker gets so spammed that I can't keep up with it, unfortunately. Many users don't even check if there are existing tickets for the things that they are opening. Without this limit, issue tracker quickly gets clogged.

Author Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 11/30/2018 - 15:04 Permalink

Yes I know that but it also includes the item in your mod and also in your workspace so adding more unneeded space taken up I know if we use lets say dirt it will let dirt over ride it. but also if you create a item with that same name your mod becomes like a resource pack and overrides MC's version so we could also stop some conflict there :)

Not my first rodeo lol