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Published by Goldorion on Fri, 12/14/2018 - 23:17
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Hello !

Firstly, I KNOW THAT IT'S SURELY IMPOSSIBLE, but I still want you to ask.


As you may know, creating mods is fun and fun, but, as one phrase puts it, "The more we are crazy, the more we laugh." I would like us to be able to create multi-mods !

I would like us to have an option to share our workspace with other people. When I say, that I would like us to share it with other people, I mean, I wish I could have an option that allows me another user that I will enter (username / e-mail used for the MCreator account), so that I can work and create on a mod with him, and that I can see what he does, and that he can also see what I create, and modify. I do not necessarily want to be able to see its cursor, but I just want to be able to at least be able to create mods with other people. We could also have a kind of new tab, wherever we could see the projects that people invite us, as well as the projects that are shared with us, so we can access them quickly. I would like to do a little like with Google Drive. Drive on, we shared folders / documents, and others, and I also have access to a tab that shows me what I have shared with me. It should also be possible not to accept a project sharing, accept it, no longer want to be in the project, but with a confirmation tab, because I would not like any accident, and I imagine you too you would not like that. It would also be necessary for the owner of the Workspace to want someone to have just access to look at the Worskapce (so disable all that can be changed, but still be able to see what is inside.), Can give access to anyone at all, so he can edit, as well as change the owner of the Workspace (with a confirmation.It is not mandatory, for the beginning, but if you add this option (sharing option), you could just add it in the next update, or just not.), all this, regardless of the other people to whom the project was shared.

I would just REALLY see this new option (gigantic, and surely, that will take you whole days, I would say too, just whole weeks.), Because I'm starting to really be just creating mods all by myself. I would also like to be able to create mods with other people, because in addition to bringing even more community MCreator, we would have the chance to give birth to new mods, which would be there, just TITANIC. Finally, it would create all new things, and mods that would be even more awesome, because we would have the chance to combine the talent of a lot of people, to create a mod that groups several categories, because we could have some one who excels, in the creation of minerals / basic blocks / armor / tools, another who would be really good in procedures, and in logistics of how to make something do another thing, another person who would be good to do mods, another for dimensions and biomes, etc., etc.

In short, I sincerely hope that you will add this option, because I really want it, and I think I'm really not the only one to want it.

To summarize all that I have just said I will summarize all that I have.

1- Can create mods with other people with the addition of one or more new tabs to see the shared worskpace with us, and those already accepted.

2- An option for the owner to change the "power" on people.

3- Do something like what Google Drive does (I'm not telling you to copy everything they do, but just inspire you.)

4- It will just MUCH closer to the MCreator community, and maybe even bigger.

5- Create all new mods MCreator genialiscime, and even bigger (I should say 100,000 times bigger than those we can already create, because we would be more to do it at the same and therefore, it goes much faster.)

6- Combine the talents of many people who are just good in one area (like processes, or biomes / dimensions)

7- That people who have a workspace have access to all the options, which have been tested on the mod (environment test), and others, if they have the power to do.


In short, it will just recreate MCreator (in a few ways), and give back desire to many perosnnes, who uses MCreator for a very long time, but who like to be a little tired of just creating mods in their corner, all alone.

I really want to apologize for the length of the message I just made, but I just really wanted you to understand what I wanted to ask you, and that you understand, how would that replace MCreator (like a little with the procedures, but multiplied by 10,000), and rekindle the flame of MCreator to many people like me.



PS: I just want to tell you that I put my suggestions in MCreator version 2.XX, because I did not want you to tell me that you would not have time to do it for the next version of MCreator (because I understand it just fine too.), and I want you to really take your time to do something really good, clean and bug-free (or little, I hope so). I am ready to wait 1 year, if it is to do something really clean and finished. So, I really hope you'll add it, even if I have to wait more than a year.

I'm going to stop, to write, because I've been writing this message for over half an hour, and I'm getting tired of writing, and I want to give you some time to give me your answer (which I would like to be positive) , and you leave the next version finished. xD


I am really sorry for my bad, bcause I used Google ranslate for translate my text, because I'm not very good in English. ;)

Issue comments

First, this is a very nice idea and I agree it would be awesome to have something like this in MCreator :)

But this would be close to impossible. Implementing support for users editing the same fields at the same time and synchronizing is just too complex. And the cost of the infrastructure behind such a thing would be too big for Pylo to afford and have any return of investment.

We, however, plan to add an option to use tools such as Git or similar versioning tools which makes it possible for multiple users to work on the same "repository" and push changes to it, pull changes from it and merge changes. This feature is in the plan for the commercial version of MCreator due to the cost of implementation, if the commercial version will exist that is.

I hope this answers your question. You can read more about git to understand how this will/would work here:

wouldn't it be great if after two years this existed

haha nope

I got 400 mod elements that are mine you cant stop me now

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