Some recipes won't work.

Published by sssssh on Thu, 12/20/2018 - 21:33
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The some of the recipes in my recent mod are not working. Short of deleting them and creating them all over again I have tried everything. Here is an example:

First, you create component A (an item)

Then, you create more components, with recipes that rely on component A

You leave the project to sit for a month

Then create a large amount of components whose recipes rely on component A

When you test it that components made before you left it for a month are craftable but the ones made after can not be crafted.

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Issue comments

Could you provide a workspace that contains this bug - some of the recipes not working? Upload the .mcr file on the tracker. Thanks!

I have tested quite a few recipes from your mod and they seem to work. Could you please give me the names of some of the recipes that don't work?

I have checked them and I can confirm this happens.

I have done some extensive testing and I am not entirely sure why this is happening as MCreator properly registers all of the item recipes.

My suspect right now would be that this is a Minecraft Forge bug. If I find a workaround or a fix, I will let you know, but for now I was not able to find the actual cause for this.

I have moved the recipe system to JSON format and now this bug is gone. So this issue will be fixed in MCreator 1.8.3.

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