Number Damage not Exact + Decimal number Damage

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Issue description

The Numbers we set when creating a Tool is not exact!

Like I created a Sword that make 15 Damage, and in game, it do 19 damage, I have to put the damage to 11

Issue comments

MCreator uses in-code values and not Minecraft in-game values. Sometimes they differ. Just set the desired value that will reflect the actual value and it should be ok.

Ok but can this be fixed so that when we set the number 15, it does 15 damage instead of being 19

you will fix this bug that the number of damage we put when creating a sword in MCreator is the same ingame :/ It's really confusing that the number of damage we put is +4 damage in game :/

The issue with 8 being reflected to 12 will remain as this seems like how Minecraft transforms these values. We map these parameters to vanilla Minecraft code functions. But I will add support for decimal numbers.

ok, So it's impossible to fix this confusing thing of Damage Number :/ So when I put 8, it does 8 Damage, instead of put 4 so it does 8 :/

Yes. We could offset this when generating the code, but it is better to leave it as the developers intended in code, because as long as they offset it again, who knows if they can change or even remove this offset in the future.

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