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I have a bug that MOST Items of my mod have recipes that don't exist and I haven't created as Mod Element

This bug consist of crafting 1 item with 2 of the same item in crafting grid, I will show you in the images

Most custom Ore ingots, custom Sticks, custom crafting ,weapons, are having this recipe!

I have it since MCreator for 1.11.2 and 1.10.2 but I didn't know existence of this website before :)

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Issue comments

I have tried to reproduce this bug was not able to. Please attach the .mcr workspace file of your mod and tell me which item from your mod to use for testing so I can get a reproducible case. Thanks!

I have downloaded your mcr so you can remove .mcr attachment now if you feel so. I just need a few examples, I don't need all of the items.

I can confirm this is happening, but I am not sure why this is happening. There is clearly not code registering these recipes, I searched through the whole code and not a single place that would be doing this. I suspect this is a Minecraft or Minecraft Forge bug, but I will keep on testing to try to find the cause.

I have started porting recipes to the new JSON system and the issue is still there for the items you listed. At this point, I don't think this is even MCreator bug but a bug inside Minecraft / Minecraft Forge. I am closing this ticket for now as I am running out of ideas. If I find a solution I will fix this, but as I said I am starting to doubt this is an issue on our side but rather in the Minecraft / Minecraft Forge code.

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