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Published by ROUPIKS on Thu, 01/17/2019 - 15:40
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Many people have this problem for creating an armor. After importing armor texture renamed "layer_1" and "layer_2" in the tool section, you create your armor. After the first step ( importing helmet, body, legging and boots textures), you have to import the model of the texture, it is necessary. Unfortunately, I imported my armor model, i see the armor model at the bottom of the page but i cant click next because the "Name of texture file" input field is locked :"You need to provide armor text". I just think this is because the input field is too small so it cant write the name of the armor. So please, if someone has an issue or if there is no write me. Or is there a way to enlarge this input field ?

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Issue comments

You need to click on the three dots next to the field and select the armor from the list.

To add new armor to the list, use Import armor texture from the Tools tab.

i've had this problem for a while, but i recently found a fix

When you name your files layer_1 and layer_2, you are giving the program no extra context

try renaming them to something like iron_layer_1 and iron_layer_2. These will show up as iron_when you go to select your armor in the model screen.

Im having an issue where there is nothing even in the textures thing :(

When I wanna make new armor the textures for the armor i made wont show up


Hi, I'm having a problem,  I don't have the "tools" option in my Mcreator and I can't create sound files (.ogg) or textures for armors and other things, I hope they can help me solve this doubt , thank you! :) i'm new in this program 

if you are using 1.9.1 click on Tools (at the top of the workspace), then click on create armor texture

When i want to create an armor, MCreator say that I need a texture selector. So I click on the 3 dots and that what happen: THERE IS NO TEXTURE IN THE MENU !!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh Ok. Thanks, I'll check that but I was very angry yesterday because I search for HOURS on MCreator and try and retry but I think at the wrong place. :)



Um... So I have the most recent update of MCreator and there is a "create armor texture" but no "import armor texture". How do I do ???

The big issue here is this makes the armor not look the way you want it at all. It saves time for you, but you have no say on what the in game texture looks like, completely making my past hour of work obsolete. the devs should fix it so we can use our own textures.

wait, you can edit the file to make it look the the texture you made. you need to head to the resource tab and edit the picture. then cross referenc it with what you made to make it look the way you want

Hey, I've maked custom model for armor and when I want to use it for armor, it lets me choose only one cube from the model for helmet, one for chestplatee and each sleeve etc., but my armor has something like antlers, wings and fringe, so I need to choose more cubes. Is there any way to solve it?

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