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Issue description

I have a good idea and its Mob AI that allows it to attack if you look at it.

Issue comments

We can only use AI that is defined in Minecraft. I have checked package which contains all AI tasks and there is no such task. Are there any mobs that do this in Minecraft so I can check how they do this?

I think that Loic want say, it's can you add all AI Minecraft Mobs in MCreator, because we don't have all AI mobs. For example, we don't have AI of iron Golem, Enderman, WitherBoss, etc.

Do you have the mob Ai for Endermen? Because they attack if looked at.

Ok I totally forgot about enderman, my bad.

To answer why we don't add all AI tasks possible: most AI tasks are bound to a specific entity type and can't be used by other entities. We can't bypass this because this is how Java works.

I have checked the code of EntityEnderman and the task to attack when looked is this one: EntityEnderman.AIFindPlayer

This is, unfortunately, Enderman specific task. If I find a workaround for this we will, of course, implement more AI tasks, but for now I don't think we could do this.

Can it be that we can create an enderman with a different name and skin ?