Structures Spawning over trees

Published by skyman478 on Sun, 02/24/2019 - 01:14
Works as designed
Issue description

Hi, When i create a structure to a specific biome sometimes it spawns over trees, even it being limited to spawn on the ground.

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A house over the the custom tree475.15 KB 475.15 KB
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Issue comments

This feature already exists, but based on this users observations it does not work as it should. I am waiting for his workspace to test it out.

If it don't work, I hope it will work in other versions, because if we set spawn per block "Grass" all should be fine

Also, I still have the error about gradle caches error, you haven't replied yet, can you please help me out there?

After importing and testing your workspace, I see the issue. By setting spawn location to Ground, this only means that the structure will find the highest block that is not air and consider it ground. So the tree is also ground being the highest location not being air. MCreator can't tell difference between these two.

To avoid this, use Restrict spawn per block and only whitelist the blocks that the structure can spawn on (usually dirt, stone, and grass, but can be different depending on the use case).

Can you also make schematic trees which spawn in custom biome restricted per block? Because even using Structure Void, we have Trees which spawn on Trees, same thing for structures in custom dimension

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