Get harvest level of an item procedure block

Published by aidanete on Tue, 03/26/2019 - 19:14
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Issue description

Will be cool to have a procedure block to check what is the harvest level of an item. Useful to check when a player breaks a block and uses custom drops with custom procedures, I think it will execute even without the correct tool for it, so this thing will be useful. Another example, a quest where you have to give someone a diamond or higher tier pickaxe to win. In this case, modded pickaxes will also work.

Late EDIT: Another very related idea, is a procedure block that detects the type of tool of a provided item. So, this will also be good for custom drop procedure for a block, detecting the type of tool and it's harvest level.

Thank you! :D

Issue comments

One can not check for the harvest level of the item, one can only check if the item can harvest a given block. Would this be a good alternative?

Tool would be useful to notify the player when harvest level tool < harvest level block etc.

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