Vanilla Structures in Custom Biome

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An option to allow Vanilla structures to spawn in our custom biomes, I see 0 Villages, 0 Mineshaft in my biomes



PS: BTW you still haven't replied to my comment about the ticket Triggers in procedure itself

Issue comments

This might not be possible for all structures, but at least for villages, I have found this method: BiomeManager.addVillageBiome

I will add this in the future updates.

Regarding not replying, I have seen and acknowledged your reply, we do plan to add more global triggers indeed.

Cool, Also about villages, you know that blocks used in villages are different depending on their biomes, Desert Villages uses Sandstone, Savanna uses Acacia wood, Plains uses Oak, Taiga uses Spruce wood


So a way to set the resources we use for the blocks of houses like on tree or biome creation but i don't think that's possible, Vanilla structures generate in a way we can't replicate if we want to use structures, Well i don't know about this but you know right?

I don't think one can control this that precisely as you suspected. BiomeManager only has a simple register method to register a biome in which villages spawn.

Each village (savanna, plains, desert, etc.) is a specific structure, so if you want create a village like this, you have to create many structures (one by building). But can you add this feature with a option to check because for some biomes, we don't want Village.

This feature is just a tick box [  ]Village can generate there?

Also yeah All houses are a specific structure but the thing is... How to you make all the structures generate together and in a road and with their way to don't generate in blocks and if there is empty space under them, there is cobblestone instead of air

You can use custom blocks to help do this. For instance, in one of my mods, I have  'Nester Blocks', which generates different parts of a large structure. You can use a system like this (but using random to make it so buildings will not always spawn from each block) to make a randomly generated village (possibly with custom wood/materials). For the empty space underneath, you can create another custom block that tests to see if there is a block underneath. if there is not one, it will place another of itself underneath, and turn itself into cobblestone. If there is one underneath, it will just turn into cobblestone.

Oh, and for the road just have another Nester Block building that. As for not generating in blocks, that is quite difficult. You can add a functionality to the Nester Blocks that tests to see if there is free space in the area it is going to place the structure, but this will take a lot of time.

Well do you mean that your custom blocks used in your villages, generate in that biome instead of Wood/stone village materials?

That may work but bot goodly

not goodly*

btw i didn't really understood what you mean, If your way works, you can make a tutorial mod with a workspace

Mineshafts do generate in custom biomes already.

I have added an option to enable village and stronghold generation in custom biomes. This will be added in MCreator 1.9.0.

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