Option to make item be able to be used by a dispenser

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Issue description

In vanilla minecraft, some items (eggs, arrows, snowballs...) can be shot by dispensers, while some can be used in a different way (boats, armor pieces, water/lava buckets, flint and steel...).

It would be cool if we can make our custom items be able to be used by a dispenser.

I think it should be implemented this way:

There should be an option "is item consumed when used by a dispenser?" and a sub-option "is item thrown by the dispenser?"

and then some triggers:

  • When item used by dispenser
  • When item thrown by dispenser hits entity
  • When item thrown by dispenser hits block

The first trigger can always be used, while the last 2 can only be added if the item can be thrown by the dispenser. The first trigger can be used to place blocks or entities in front of the dispenser for example

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