Remove Mob Procedure Block

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Issue description

A procedure block which just Remove the provided mob, Using Entity dependencies and sometime useful, if we want to make a Boss with 2 Phase

If we want a mob to dissapear without putting the game in peaceful and then All mob gone or killing the mob which will a bit not make sense as we will see the mob dieing animation (red entity falling) or Teleport the entity at somewhere random which is a bit a bad idea if we are using a boss that can't die

An Example of Procedure block in Usage


If ---> Get Entity's health = 500 (500/1000)

Do --> Remove Provided Entity

            Spawn Entity [Boss.phase2]



PS: Sorry, i am not posting as much ticket right now because am out of idea of what to request :D I requested so much things in last MCreator versions

PS2: Smiley in Ticket name is a test, Am i the only one who did this?

Issue comments

I will add this, for now, you can use this code:


PS: Yes, our website does support emoticons, but they are not really desired in titles of posts.

If you teleport the mob to the void it will die (it isn't possible to make a mob immune to the void) and nobody will notice it

yeah but we may still see boss bar dissapearing, and that cost nothing to just add a procedure block which just remove a mob, It just fill MCreator more and make life easier for people who don't know making boss go to void

This feature will be added in MCreator 1.9.0. I am closing this ticket now.

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