Option to use randomized sounds

Published by bigfatjerk on Wed, 07/10/2019 - 00:03
Issue description

I read in another post that it's possible to give a mob multiple living sounds. It said to import sounds and name them 'like this':

  • mod.sound.modliving
  • mod.sound.modliving1
  • mod.sound.modliving2
  • mod.sound.modliving3

Then choose mod.sound.modliving as the living sound. I tried to follow those instructions, but I obviously didn't follow them correctly, because the only sound my mob would make was mod.sound.modliving. I don't really know what 'like this' means, could someone please elaborate?

Issue comments

You could use procedures to play random sounds at random times.

The proper solution is to add sounds like this:

  • mod.sound.modliving1
  • mod.sound.modliving2
  • mod.sound.modliving3

And then reference them as

  • mod.sound.modliving

inside MCreator, but this is not possible yet. We will consider adding this option in MCreator 1.9.1.

Ah, thanks for the clarification. I guess I'll try using procedures, then.

"You could use procedures to play random sounds at random times."

How would i do this?
You cant add delays in procedures and per tick of the entity is stupidly fast..
How would this be possible via a procedure?!

You can use a random block to reduce the number of ticks it happens. Each tick with 0.001% probability will result in the sound being played very rarely.

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