Custom blocks don't properly rotate in structures

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Issue description

When structures with modded rotatable blocks spawn all the rotations are wrong :(

Issue comments

What kind of rotation do you use for your custom blocks?

I will verify why this is happening and try to fix this if possible.

how is your model layer out? dose it places properly when the player places it?
From past experience with modeling and custom blocks sometimes it is the rotation of the model it's self when it made that can cause rotation issues. Can you provide the .json and the png textures you used for the block so Klemen or I can see what rotation it's facing? You can zip it and upload it to Mediafire or another file-sharing site and provide the link to download in the comments.

I can open the .json model in Cubik Studio and see the rotation and position and try to figure out if its a structure problem or if its just the direction of the model it's self.

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