Option to disable custom tree rotation

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Issue description

Some trees in my biomes use custom blocks. In the case of this tree, it is some spikes on the outside of the trunk: (ignore the missing textures, idk what's up with that)

Thornwood Tree

However, due to custom tree rotation, it often looks like this:

Thornwood Tree

Issue comments

Oh, Ok :)

I searched for 'tree rotation' first and it didn't come up with anything like this, so I thought I'd go ahead and post. I didn't think to search up about model rotation issues.

Also, with the missing textures, that's with a normal block model, it's not a custom json one.

Make sure it is 16x16, 32x32 ... If this is already the case, try to edit the texture and save it again, it might be partially corrupted file.

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