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Published by Acgamble on Sat, 10/12/2019 - 21:15
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Issue description

I have been trying to make a wood slab block and I've noticed when I looked in block base you have fences, walls and solid blocks but you don't have slabs so its been a pain to not be able to make slabs I hope you are able to make this feature and would be happy to see it happen if you do make this feature it will be really helpful to me or anyone elese who has this problem thank you and have a good day

Issue comments

You can already make slabs using custom 3D model and bounding box setting, but we will consider adding slabs as a base down the road too.

Some issues with using custom 3d models is that you can't replicate slabs perfectly. For example, you can't recreate the exact placement without custom code. Additionally, slabs have a "half" state property (upper and lower), which also determines block face shapes (again, this would require custom code).

If I wanted to suggest more block bases, should I open a new ticket or could this one be used for all block bases (something like the "custom brewing, anvil, ... recipes" ticket)?

We can use this ticket for all requests, I think. I will split later if it will be required.

Slabs are very problematic to implement as block base due to pretty messy vanilla implementation of slabs.

I know that is already possible without a block base (and I don’t know if it was already posted.), but I think that a real good block base, can be the door.

oh, don't forget the ice and slime type blocks. these may be important for some of the other blocks, or custom ice and slime blocks.

oh, don't forget the ice and slime type blocks. these may be important for some of the other blocks, or custom ice and slime blocks.

These are not block bases.

Some of them imitate behaviour too, not yet but will, say gates. Actually fences and stairs have behaviour too, not just model.

Glass panes, Buttons & Levers maybe, iron fences, torches and signs would be great aswell

Main request of this ticket, slabs alongside with some other new bases will be added in 2020.2:

  • [#53951] Added new block bases: leaves, slabs, trap doors

With the leaves Klemen you really need to add Logs too. I'm assuming the block base for leaves has the "extends LeavesBlock" but the custom leaves will just decay when put next to the custom logs because the custom logs need to have the "extends LogBlock" and a minecaft #logs tag from the new 1.14.4 tag system and the leaves also need to be in the #leaves tags in order to fully work.

Custom leaves can't be detected by shaders anyway. Look at the biggest mods which add them like Biomes'O'Plenty, the shaders don't detect them. That's the shader creator's fault not Mcreator's.

Logs as a base are not really necessary as one can just tag custom logs with log tag and leaves will check such blocks in order to not decay.

For 1.12.2, block needs this piece of code to be detected as a log:

@Override public boolean canSustainLeaves(IBlockState state, IBlockAccess world, BlockPos pos){
    return true;

but as 1.14.4 does not use this system anymore (uses tags instead) there probably won't be an UI for this for 1.12.2. 

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