Option to select frequency per chunk for structure spawn

Published by MMG on Fri, 02/14/2020 - 18:55
Upvotes: 4
Issue description

I know you removed it in last update but this feature can't be replaced by structure element. With this element you can only make trees to spawn 1 per chunk maximaly. But if you would want to make more trees in one chunk like 5 for dense forest biome you would have to make 5 different structure elements! Its not effective. Please bring this feature back. It was really helpfull and it really complicated things. All my biomes are broken. Why this was removed when it actully mades mcreator a lot slower?

Issue comments

I am changing this to a feature request to select how many times per chunk structure can be generated.

We will not be adding this back to trees as this is not a proper object approach to repeat the same feature on multiple locations.

Spawn probability is the probability to generate on chunk and frequency on chunk is the number range of structures generated in the said chunk. Similar to ores.

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