GUI images larger than 256x256 pixels break

Published by DENTiller on Wed, 03/11/2020 - 10:48
Fixed in
Issue description

I added a picture for my GUI format 354x354,
but my picture starts compression and loses its quality and I don’t like it.
Or can it be disabled somehow or in which case does it begin to compression?



Issue comments

Im think, i know how to fix this bug but for this need a bit of code.
In your gui change this values (code):
            this.xSize = 176;
            this.ySize = 166;
176 is size in width.
166 is size in height.

Also, size affects on texture
if your width size is 384, your texture size should be 512xY
same with height, if your height size is 384, your texture size should be Xx512

I guess, im right. BTW its some type of 'theory', you may try it but i dont say what it will work.

  • Added option to select scale ratio of custom GUI images to 1X original or 2X Minecraft scale
  • Improved custom GUI image selection process and added edit option
  • [Bugfix #57987] Custom GUIs could not be larger than 512x512 (256x256 in Minecraft scale)
  • [Bugfix #57987] GUI images could not be larger than 256x256 pixels

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