Option to specify break particle texture for custom blocks

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Issue description

Should be able to select break particle from all vanilla and modded block textures. It should be possible to do, here is an example:https://github.com/CrispyChips6660/AnotherEnchantMod/blob/fabric-1.15/src/main/resources/assets/another_enchant_mod/models/block/obsidian_pedestal.json#L6.

With this, the pedestal will have the break particles of the obsidian texture.


Issue comments

for manual coders, add this line to your json file's textures section

"particle": "yourmodidorminecraft:path/to/your/texture".

Don't include the .png of the texture, and remember to use proper json format (adjust the commas etc.)

run your json file through this tool to check for errors: https://jsonlint.com/

remember to lock your code and save.

Renamed the ticket to better reflect the feature:

Option to specify break particle texture for custom blocks

The break particle is actually determined by the model, so just make a custom model for the block and set the break particle there, though an easier way would be awesome.

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