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1) A little bug, When you are adding a Procedure to a mod element, when you have another mod element open, it will makes the procedure for the other mod element

2) Another little bug, There is written information about the food, instead of TOOL. Bug 2 image

3) The potion effect still appears in inventory, even if i have set it off in the Mod Element

4) When you select armor texture, the texts are in red, look in Image 4

5) When you go in a Biome with a custom sky color, The sky color comes directly and there is no smooth transition, if you see what i mean

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They might get backported to 2020.3 in case of major problems, but I don't want to annoy people with patches if not strictly needed :)

I think it will be soon time to add Automated updates to MCreator for things like bug fixes only :)

(Also, looks like some copy pasting from food element descriptions feature mmmhhh)

Oh no :D

I think it will be soon time to add Automated updates to MCreator for things like bug fixes only :)

I wanted to add this in 2020.3 already, but it turned out it is quite a complex setup to setup all this (update server with patch files + client for this in MCreator), but this is planned.

No, it always flashed like this. MC was not designed to switch from say full blue to full red in sky colors so far. But 1.16 as Goldorion already told you...

In 2020.2

1.14.4 does not support it universally anymore, use BB to make custom one, they have a template for this

Another bug, i found, When you drink a drink (food mod element), there isn't a drink sound at the end, i will show you in a video

Well,it's blocked here so i think you dont have a sound that shows you drunk a bottle of potion?

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