Loot Tables Import

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Issue description

A thing i would like is a way to import Loot Tables, such as vanilla ones, they are .json and when i want to edit a vanilla loot table, it removes vanilla loots, so if we could import vanilla ones and then add our things, it would be great!

Also if we want to add random enchanted book in loot tables? how do we do in MCreator (without changing the .json by ourselves), Look Image 1, 2

Issue comments

Also, i have found out how to make stacks of items in loot tables, that's this


          "type": "minecraft:item",
          "weight": 10,
          "functions": [
              "function": "minecraft:set_count",
              "count": {
                "min": 1.0,
                "max": 8.0,
                "type": "minecraft:uniform"
          "name": "minecraft:rotten_flesh"

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