Dimension portal Bug

Published by Marx_Royal on Tue, 06/02/2020 - 07:02
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Issue description

So, I'm updating my mod when I have time to kill, and when MCreator got the 1.15.2 compatibility I made a big update for my mod and added a dimension too. The problem here is that:

When entering the dimension, you will be around the same coor', logic, BUT it can be into a wall, in mid-air, etc... and the portal will never spawn at your position, it will randomly spawn in the dimension open space(I did a nether with a custom biome) that is the nearest to you, so to return to like your house(asuming you made the portal in your house, you need to recreate a portal where you spawn in the dimension(hope It's clear). And also, every time you get in the dimension it create other portals into it.

(I took 6 screenshots, so, opened paint.net and made one image out of the 6, tell me if the quality is good or not.)

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Issue comments

I can confirm there are problems with portals I am working on but was not able to find a clear resolution yet.

And also, every time you get in the dimension it create other portals into it.

I could not reproduce this part. Could you provide an example workspace that has this bug?

I could reproduce wrong positioning, however.

I can give you the mod's jar but there is no "Export to JAR" in "File", I can only export it into a .zip

it seems like the dimension bug only happens when you first load in the dimensions once you go back in through the portal and go back in the bug seems to go away

I would let you know if I did. Feel free to play with code yourself, you might find the cause ;)

After around 20 hours of testing in total spent on this ticket, I finally found a solution.

This will be fixed in 2020.4 alongside portals now working faster and supporting the teleportation of any entity type in 1.15.2.

Another bug with dimensions, if you use normal grass in a custom biome, sometimes, the grass color is normal and not with the biome color when you enter the dimension

This would be a MC bug I can't control, there is no line in code controlling rendering of grass in dimensions

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