Trying to translate MCreator

Published by Mr_Zugibol on Sat, 08/01/2020 - 22:17
Issue description

I am trying to create a plugin for translating MCreator, but as soon as I translated, it happened that all the letters turned into this: on the first picture

Could you please fix this?

If what, I try to translate MCreator into Russian.

Issue comments

Could you attach an example .md help file for testing?

ZIP it if you can't directly upload .md

I can confirm this. I will fix it in a patch if one gets released.

Keep in mind translations in the future will not use the "default" folder and texts.lang but "ru_RU" and texts_ru_RU.lang, just a heads up ;)

Also, not all fields are translatable yet, check

UPDATE: We have released a patch update to fix two bugs found in 2020.4:


  • [Bugfix #64811] Help tips were not loaded in UTF-8 encoding
  • [Bugfix #64826] Custom armor broke recipes and advancements referencing it

To install the patch, re-download 2020.4 and install it again.