2020.4 causing parse errors on advancements and recipes for armor pieces

Published by damiansb on Sun, 08/02/2020 - 04:34
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Issue description

After upgrading for 2020.4 today I found out parse errors in recipes for custom armor pieces and also when using an armor piece as an advancement icon.

I've recreated the armor from scratch, the error persists. Advancements work fine if I chose a weapon or any other item as the icon, i.e. It only breaks with armor pieces.

I've attached 2 console screenshots showing the errors, also the whole console on a txt file

The workspace is 170mb, so I hosted it here: https://www.peixelaranja.com.br/tmp/DamianStarWars.7z

Issue comments

You will still have to manually correct loot tables with locked code to reference new armor registry names

UPDATE: We have released a patch update to fix two bugs found in 2020.4:


  • [Bugfix #64811] Help tips were not loaded in UTF-8 encoding
  • [Bugfix #64826] Custom armor broke recipes and advancements referencing it

To install the patch, re-download 2020.4 and install it again.