MCreator Link: API



Most of the interaction with MCreator Link can be done using class. This class contains methods to interact with the currently connected device. If there is no device connected, calls are ignored and return values are -1.

Some of the methods of this class are:

  • public static void pinMode(int port, PinMode pinMode)
  • public static void digitalWrite(int port, byte value)
  • public static void analogWrite(int port, short value)
  • public static byte digitalRead(int port)
  • public static short analogRead(int port)
  • public static void enableDigitalInputEvents(int port)
  • public static void disableDigitalInputEvents(int port)
  • public static void sendMessage(String message)
  • public static int getDigitalPinsCount()
  • public static int getAnalogPinsCount()

All methods are static so example usage of this class would be:



CurrentDevice.pinMode(13, PinMode.OUTPUT);
CurrentDevice.digitalWrite(13, 1);



MCreator Link uses Minecraft Forge event bus to register events. In order to use LinkDigitalPinChangedEvent, link needs to have events enabled. By default, no events are triggered by pin state changes.


This call will enable events on pin 15. If the pin value changes, such events will be propagated to the Minecraft Forge event bus. Example usage of such event would look like this:

import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.eventhandler.SubscribeEvent;


public class LinkPinEventHandler {

	public void onMCreatorLinkPinChanged(LinkDigitalPinChangedEvent event) {
        // handle the event here




In Main mod class:

MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new LinkPinEventHandler());

Link protocol

LinkProtocol class parses and constructs link messages so you can use this class for the reference on how the link protocol looks like.


This class takes care of the device connections. This is internal class. More info can be found in the documentation.


Documentation of MCreator Link is hosted on GitHub pages.

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