EnderCraft Mod

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 EnderCraft Mod: 

 Modifications and features (completed versions only):

  • Chorus stick
  • Ender axe
  • Ender pickaxe
  • Ender shovel
  • A unnecessary Ender hoe
  • Chorus armor
  • Ender crossbow and Ender arrow
  • Ender liquid
  • Ender furnace (beta)
  • Chiseled purpur block
  • Ender metal ore, sword, item and block
  • Powered chorus fruit
  • EnderWorld dimension
  • Chorus sappling
  • Compressed and smooth (smelted) end stones

 The mod also is Spanish translated :D

To see actual Beta features, check the Changelog.

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EnderCraft Mod b11.28.19 for 1.12.2.jar - Update Beta version for Beta testers, download this if you want to see the next features before but with bugs! Ver. b11.28.19304.09 KB
EnderCraft Mod 1.0.3.jar - This is the... ehhh.... ¿Decoration Update? of my mod XD Ver. 1.0.3277.33 KB
EnderCraft Mod 1.0.2.jar - Lost Ender World release! Ver. 1.0.2228.07 KB
EnderCraft Mod 1.0.1.jar - Here's the version 1.0.1!88.79 KB


Beta 11/28/19
- Working on the new Sky Shadow! You can find it on the Lost Ender World.

- Lost Ender World Update! Also you can get the Ender Gem, a special item that lets you make a sword and a decorative Ender Metal block.

- New Ender castle, found in the Lost Ender World.

- New "End Skin" effect that allows you to teleport pressing [R], in further beta versions it will have potion crafting, but at moment it stills a creative potion. To get it you will need the Chorus Armor or the Ender Necklace.

- Changing IDs to match/connect them.

- Starting translation into Russian! Credits by TheLuxureSlime. Saw testing this version that this can't be possible, my mcreator doesn't support russian characters and transforms them into '?' ;-;

 -Chorus sapling

 -Smooth (smelt) end stone

 -Compressed end stone

 -Ender amulet (necklace)

 -New system for ender arrow


Do you want to help me with ideas for the mod? Comment your ideas! It's free :v

AWSOME DUDE ! really, maybe you should try to do every textures 16x16 to fit minecraft art style

Hmm, my idea: Add Lore, add Boss (for example Phantom King) which will has got unique loot